Comics That Made Andréa Laugh Out Loud

I realized I had a significant backlog of LOLs submitted by Andréa, so I’m going to upload a bunch of them at once…

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The Berg and the Turd

berg and turd

Okay, while there’s much to criticize Mark Zuckerberg for, the point of all this eludes me: Facebook isn’t putting Turd under surveillance — he’s posting these photos in a public forum himself.

And really, the first thing they teach in Cheating 101 is “Don’t post photos of yourself with your bit on the side.”

This was sent to me as an LOL; on the other hand, though…


… at least they got it right: if test results I’ve seen are to be believed, a person’s ancestry is very close to random. Which I suspect it is not.

My brother, according to his, has an ancestry entirely different from mine (and no, we didn’t even have a milkman when he was born), while his wife’s is more similar to mine (and no, we are not from the hills of West Virginia).