Saturday Morning OYs – May 20th, 2023

And another Rubes, suggested by Maggiethecartoonist :

Should I feel sheepish posting a second comic on herding?

Saturday Morning OYs – April 15th, 2023

Hit me again, dealer!


Just in case anyone here had some doubt, “Himalayan” is indeed a recognized breed of cat. My mother had a cat named Hillary, and some people thought that name was in honor of a prominent American politician; but in fact he was a Himalayan cat, and named for Sir Edmund Hillary. Here is a picture of the breed:

Not really an OY, but then tax filings aren’t due until Tuesday, April 18.

Saturday Morning OYs – March 25th, 2023

Almost a pun failure, as it is arguable the joke of her equivocation is already well-cemented in panel 3 and then the clues in panel 4 are just a waste. But probably it is also arguable that many a reader would miss the gag in panel 3 and there is a definite need for panel 4 …

And this dampens my hope of someday understanding what “fugue state” is or is not related to.

Yes, it’s the same David Mamet better known as a playwright.

Saturday Morning OYs – January 28th, 2023

P.S. This Bizarro was discussed in some detail on the Arnold Zwicky blog.

I don’t know, wouldn’t it have been simpler and just as effective to go with the standard “minstrel” spelling?


Kilby sent in this double puzzler:

“When I wrote Leigh Rubin to point out that one of the three checkers should already have been doubled to form a ‘king’, he mentioned that he had submitted the comic to the syndicate with a caption, but that this caption never made it to the published version.”

Puzzle #1:

Submit a caption that might fit this cartoon.

Puzzle #2:

Assuming the pieces can move (and capture) only according to their own “rules”, which side would win the endgame shown in the comic?

The knight, as white, should have the first move. In checkers, red goes second. Now, if we assume the knight is at a1, then the checker at c1 should have been made a king. So, we need to assume that the knight is at h8, and the red checkers have to start by moving away down the board.

OR, you can assume the red checker has just gotten to c1, and is being crowned as we speak; this puts the knight at a1.

The history of these games can also be discussed in the comments.

By the way, I’m on as zbicyclist; anyone like a game?

Saturday Morning OYs – December 10th, 2022

We start off with a twofer on the same pun idea:

That’s sticking it to them! (or not)

We picked up this Wiley Miller one from the Why Evolution Is True website where it was sent in by a reader.

This Rubes from Andréa makes a deprecated usage exactly right for once!

Birthday note!

Today is the 200th for César Franck.

Here is a performance of his Violin Sonata in A: