Saturday Morning OYs – May 20th, 2023

And another Rubes, suggested by Maggiethecartoonist :

Should I feel sheepish posting a second comic on herding?


  1. “Lassie! Get help!” is the caption of a classic two-panel New Yorker cartoon. Panel one has Timmy in distress, giving the command. Panel two shows Lassie on a psychiatrist’s couch.

    Favorite variant was on the first Gary Shandling show, the meta sitcom. Gary takes in a stray collie with a compulsion for rescuing people. June Lockhart turns up to claim the dog, who is in fact Lassie. She explains that Lassie wandered off looking for somebody to rescue. On slow days, she cheerfully says, they usually throw a few kids in the lake to keep her busy.

  2. Quite a few pickleball players came to the game from tennis or raquetball, and often (mistakenly) refer to the paddle as a racquet.

    Where did the Mozart/Cinderella one come from?

  3. Ed, the Mozzarella one came from a Facebook Page called Ludwig von Beethoven. I don’t know why.

  4. @ MinorAnnoyance – I found the “Lassie” cartoon you described in the New Yorker’s CD compilation (published 8-May-1989), but it appears that Conde Nast has removed all of the late Danny Shanahan‘s material from the online store:

  5. Now I’ve got an earworm of “Cinderella Rockefella”, that 1960’s song, only I’m hearing it as Cinderella Mozzarella. “You’re my Cinderella.” “You’re my mozzarella.”

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