Saturday Morning OYs – November 5th, 2022

Some of these are somewhat CIDU for me, actually. I’m just guessing “Frankenstein’s Castle” is a thing, and “Vampire Bass” draws a blank.

Since we seem to have a subcategory under Oy for “Literalizing an Idiom”, might as well provide it some examples!

When he dons it, is it part of his gay apparel?

Should this strip have appeared on a Throwback Thursday?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween — a good excuse to post some monster-themed cartoons. Here’s a couple that might fit into a Halloween-themed library.

This man isn’t worried that he’s out of candy, because he’s planned ahead.

If there is something left, it might not be the good stuff.

Andréa sent in this ThatABaby, and reminded me of an earlier CIDU discussion of Candy Corn:

One measure of how influential Peanuts was is how familiar the Great Pumpkin is to us all.

First mention of the Great Pumpkin, October 26, 1959. You can follow this arc at

Some veggie substitutes work out well. Others …

So, Monty Python’s science was right!

If you’re partying tonight, party responsibly!

Andréa sends in this synchronicity. Cartoonists are always looking for a new angle, but sometimes push it too far.

Finally, like that house at the end of the night that gives out multiple candy bars so they won’t eat them all themselves, there’s this bonanza from John Atkinson — some cartoonists would have spread these out one at a time, and gotten a whole month out of this idea.

Pardon my 1590 mile displacement

A CIDU (or Ooops!) from zbicyclist, who explains: The line from Folsom Prison Blues is “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”.  So what’s the significance of Kansas City (where everything is up to date, according to Rodgers and Hammerstein)?

Can you advance a principled reason for changing the city? And, more to the CIDU point, how does her “ready for marriage” second sentence relate to anything?

Saturday Morning Oys – June 11th, 2022

This took me a minute, as I don’t often use “home” for a physical house, the building.

For anyone not familiar with the comic, the character on the right, Lyndon, is a psychiatrist or therapist. So Freudian slips are like his stock in trade. But there is something funny in how this patient or client responds to the “Say again?” with an almost-repetition and not acknowledging he has made a correction.

An excellent OY that also had me at least chuckling out loud.

(But I have to confess I don’t know who the guy on the right is. I hope his identity wasn’t another part of the joke.)

Thanks to Rob for these next two OYs (and some hard-to-classify strips coming up elsewhere on the site):

I guess I’m wrong here — I would have said this doesn’t work unless he actually says “Heckuva” (variation possible for the c and/or k, but the v obligatory). But the crowd at GoComics seemed to take it in stride.

Time for some Andréa!

And a Sandal Synchronicity:

Pardon my implausibility

Thanks to “👓 caren” for sending it in, and saying “my friends and i have only the slightest idea what vic might have ingested to publish this…  perhaps we need a little to understand it…  :)”

This started out for me as simply a complete CIDU:

But a comment on the Comics Kingdom site clarified the basic “what’s going on, what’s the main intended joke?” issues: he’s lost his shot glass inside the patient.

But that just raises soooo many more new questions! Does the Assisting Surgeon (the person speaking) seriously think loss of the shot glass is the only reason the Surgeon is trying to recover it? Wouldn’t he be hugely in hot water when the glass shows up on some X-Ray someday? And what was a shot glass doing in the OR anyway? And did he seriously have just one good one, important enough to make a good birthday present?