Gobs of fun

Andréa wonders how many still know this song, or is it just us geezers? I asked my daughters (in their 30s). One had heard of a slightly different version, the other had never heard it.

Neither of my two grandchildren (an 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl) had heard of it. Feel free to report your own survey results!

A fuller version:

Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts
Mutilated monkey meat
Itty-bitty birdy feet
Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts
And me without a spoon

Styxing it to ’em

Andréa writes:

For 60 years, I lived a few miles from CubLand, but I still don’t get this . . is he giving a raspberry? Does it have something to do with this . . .
. . . if so, the comic is 10 days early, as he was born on 25 July, NOT 15 July.

Here’s a bonus Steve Goodman track, another live performance, the ultimate country song:


Are there gas stations in heaven?

Boise Ed: “Taking the wings seems to imply accepting that you’re dead. The free Camaro leaves me with no idea at all.”

Which reminds me of something I’ve thought about: the religious concept of eternity. Christians can imagine heaven as a place, but not a real place. It sits outside the dimensions of length, width, and depth. So why shouldn’t it sit outside the realm of time, as well?

Something’s Bugging Me About This Analogy

As Kilby writes, Adam “doesn’t seem to get ANY of these analogies right”.

Can we help him?

Is there a connection between a premium and an orc (beyond the fact that the Uruk-Hai were a new, premium type of orc developed by Sauron)?

Is there a connection between a deductible and a ranger? (etc.)

Can you think of another literary work that might be a better fit to insurance? (Maybe Kafka’s The Trial for health insurance claims, for example?)

By the way, have you checked lately to make sure your car’s extended warranty isn’t about to expire?

And Some Fireworks to End the Day!

If fireworks were sentient:

From Kilby, with a nod to Andréa and many other pet owners.

It took twenty years to find the solution in the cartoon world. But could this wizardry be commercialized?
By now, many of us have eaten our fill, perhaps of delicious sausages we know we probably shouldn’t be eating. Or maybe we have the FoxTrot Dad for a cook.

Is Andy Capp dissing The Boss?

Stay tuned to your news source for more exciting adventures of The American Experiment, 2022!