Today’s premiere of Heart of the City 2.0 prompted me to think about other “first strips” and how, for better or worse, they set the tone for everything that would follow.


Peter Zale hooked me with the very first Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet

something positive

Basically, Milholland was telling us on Day One that if you’re capable of being offended, you should leave now.

(And don’t worry: the “baby” is now in his late teens, a regular in the strip, and Davan’s surrogate son)

Perhaps somebody who has a Comics Kingdom membership can supply the very first Hagar the Horrible, which I also remember as setting the stage for the next half century.

Does anybody remember any other significant Day Ones?

I’m not going to mention any names, but…

When I see, in a major comic strip, a gag I’ve never seen before, and then about a month and a half later I see the exact same gag in a lesser-known comic strip, I have to say Hmmm…

I imagine this sort of shenanigans — of shenanigans it be — is a lot less common today than it would have been 60 years ago, when the likelihood that one person would follow both strips was negligible.


Since many of us are on the verge of hallucinating by now…

The Comics Fairy appears and tells you you can choose three comic strip characters to join you for the reminder of the isolation period. Whom would you choose to spend the next month (or more) with?

Keep in mind that they have to get along with one another as well: life is stressful enough without you having to keep breaking up fights.

Your New Comic Strips for 2019

I’m afraid I had to drop a number of strips this year — they were no longer, as Marie Kondo would say, sparking joy — but I did add one: Pajama Diaries .

Technically I did add a few others, but they didn’t last the year.

So the traditional December 31 question: What strips did you add this year?

Feel free to include as many links as necessary.

(Everybody’s 2018 lists; earlier lists, of course, were destroyed during Comicgeddon)