1. Not too many for me this year.
    The first is Shaenon Garrotity’s Horror Every Day (http://www.horrormovie.today/) in which she finds an appropriate horror movie for every day of the year. An amazing mix from the very old to the very recent.

    Then there’s Law and Sausages (http://lawsandsausagescomic.com/) by Zach Weinersmith of SMBC and his brother the political science professor. A discussion of the history and functioning of US government and politics every other week.

    That’s really it for me. A slow year.

  2. I started following GASOLINE ALLEY when the “big ceremony at the Old Comic Characters Home” plotline started and someone mentioned that on another list, since I always liked the *idea* of the Old Comic Characters Home. Big mistake, but I stuck with that story to the far-distant and tedious end, then happily redropped GASOLINE ALLEY.

    I’ve recently re-added KEVIN AND KELL, but haven’t yet decided it that will be a (nominally) permanent addition or not. And I think it was this year that I dropped DINOSAUR COMICS — no single reason, just decided it hadn’t amused me in a while.

    I’ve occasionally looked at NANCY just to see what the latest burst of outrage is about. I neither like nor dislike it, so I doubt if I’ll routinely add it. (But I certainly would never have considered adding the previous versions.)

  3. I, too, would have to say that I haven’t added new comics (altho I’ve added all the ones mentioned today), but I did add quite a few political/editorial comics and columnists, for the comics/politics list I maintain.

  4. Am with Arthur in having started to read Wrong Hands, thanks to you, Bill. Tangentialy,k can anyone tell me why Sarah’s Scribbles is published more regularly at ArcaMax than it is at GoComics?

  5. And for those who like a little raunch with their comics, Alfie is far and away a superior bit of work. Plot, character, setting, and really good artwork.

  6. My favorite new comic (by far) is “Wallace the Brave“. Note: the link points to 26-March-2018, which is when Will Henry got a new syndication contract and “rebooted” the strip to an every day feature.

  7. It seems I only ever find new comics from you all, so I don’t have anything to add except my thanks.

  8. Oh, yes, thanks, Kilby, for reminding me. I’ve added Wallace the Brave, too, and enjoy every one.

  9. I too, added Wallace The Brave – best new comic of the year for me. I also added The Devil’s Panties – http://thedevilspanties.com/ – which I’ve rarely if ever seen on CIDU. And last week, I dropped Hagar the Horrible – just no longer funny to me. In its place, I’m trying Sam and Silo, another Mort Walker legacy strip. https://www.seattlepi.com/comics-and-games/fun/Sam/ (I know, I’m the eternal optimist and all that.) Reserving judgment so far. I’m close to dropping Nancy, as well. I added it after meeting Guy Gilchrist a few years ago at a local Comic-Con, and finding that I liked his upbeat Nancy style. Olivia Jaimes, the current artist, is much gloomier and I’m getting tired of Nancy being angry much of the time.

  10. I did read some of Up and Out by J. Kaye, both the old ones on Gocomics and newer ones about the transition. But I’m not following it currently.

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