Sunday Funnies – LOLs, June 4th, 2023

Show of hands, did the term “body shop” make you think of lotions and scents, or crumpled fenders?

A couple of maggiethecartoonist suggestions:

When BillR sent this one in, we all racked our brains for common sayings, or notable events, or famous stories, involving tomatoes and lemons

… but then it dawned on us that there is a traditional remark about comparisons, and it involves apples and oranges. So this could be a joke about literalizing that idiomatic remark, thrown into confusion by a colorist’s error! (Subsequently we found it discussed at the Comic Strip of the Day site, and there also attributed to colorist error.)

Here’s one spotted by Usual John at Comics Kingdom. It feels eerily like something we just recently saw, and discussed, with remarks about how it could stand in for a motto for CIDU. But then again, there’s today’s date, 5-31, right there in the panel; which makes it less likely this could actually be an oldie that CK happened to replay today.

Update! We put the above questions to an expert archivalist, who came thru with answers!

First of all, yes this was a rerun; but because the previous Comics Kingdom appearance was exactly a year earlier, on 2022-05-31, the date “5-31” embedded in the artwork for panel 3 does not mean this comic was actually new this week; nor does it make that date a paste-over job. (Though the syndication copyright notice running vertically between panels 1 and 2 does have the current year inserted.)

Also, it did appear at CIDU, and get discussed, on its publication date last year. Which is not really “just recently” as suggested above, but also is not absurdly far off.

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 28th, 2023

From maggiethecartoonist:

Suggested by a reader who is fond of both Mutts and meta-comic jokes:

Thanks to Maggiethecartoonist for this GibbleGuts:

And Maggiethecartoonist also provides these two more Garfield entries — with brief comments for each!

“Farms must be fun.”

‘I cleaned out all the comic folders, and my computer still looks like a meatball!’

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 21st, 2023

… at Alice’s Restaurant!

And while we’re at it, another Reply All:

And this was a winning week for Andertoons!

This Lug Nuts is pretty funny, but leaves a mystery. Hence LOL-CIDU.

Thanks to maggiethecartoonist, who says “Always remember pants”.

Sunday Funnies on Saturday – LOLs and OYs , May 13th, 2023

Obligatory pedantic note: I still don’t like to see “invite” as a noun in place of “invitation”!

Betty’s son asks a question, and sure enough farther down my GoComics feed, I find the answer in Big Nate: First Class!

We almost put this Other Coast in tomorrow’s Mothers’ Day collection.

This one probably was the basis for the “word play in general” category.

Sent in by >>Boy-see Ed<<, who says “This one suits me to a tea”.

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 7th, 2023

And a counterpoise of business meeting strategy, and who gets to speak up, from 9-to-5:

Do any disguised superheroes actually do this?

Thanks to Usual John for this one!

Some random retro LOLs

This next one depends on remembering when Lars von Trier and friends declared the Dogme 95 principles for filmmaking. (And probably does not require remembering the Kevin Smith film Dogma.)

With this December 2011 Brevity, we’re getting a bit into OYs.

And we interrupt our parade of Oldies to drop in a Duffy Lug Nuts on the same theme from current GoComics publication:

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 23rd, 2023

Maybe 2008, but still not an early adopter.

Last week — 4th wall needed for a watching-the-news story. (It’s just the date formatting that makes this look like a panel from the future.)

The joke is somewhat spoiled (or at least delayed) by the way the sightlines are drawn. But it emerges that what sound like rules for a tweenage girl being left home alone are being directed to Baby Bear (the dog); who isn’t agreeing to them.
(And yes, still downloads from WaPo as .AVIF and needs pre-converting.)

And this Wondermark is not really much of a LOL, but it does provide a chuckle, and prompts me to remember encountering another sense of “Bridge club” in some novels of British India (probably Paul Scott) — it was a party with several ethnic groups invited, and intended to bridge the cultural gaps.