A few bugs in the system?

I’m guessing GoComics accidentally posted a prelim version of this comic, and then because it was Sunday didn’t replace it. But if anyone wants to fill in some dialogue, feel free!

As I write this (2/20, 11:30am) it still hasn’t been fixed, although the author commented yesterday that GoComics had been contacted. Update: fixed as of 2/21, 5pm.

Oddly enough, it seems that they’ve also retroactively messed up the previous two Sundays (because there are no comments on that one indicating anything is missing, and I remember reading these previously).

Obligatory topic

Okay, it’s Resolutions…


“This year we’ll turn it around” counts as a resolution in my book!

Adam@Home Comic
Half Full
Mike Du Jour
Wallace the Brave

Maybe IDU that one?

Nancy: still looking for loopholes after all these years (and cartoonists!)

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 29th, 2020

First appearance of Crabgrass at CIDU.

Can’t remember, has this really not been used? It’s so good!

And a special late-for-Thanksgiving quasi-synchro section of Pilgrim-hat-buckle jokes!

Contributed by Andréa: