An edgy choice?

Thanks to Darren for sending this. His thoughts:

So does the fact that the statue is of Lenin mean anything here, or is it just a too-large ugly statue that could be of anyone? (Like Alice wanting a stone fountain for the backyard)
Seems odd that he would want a statue of Lenin or that his wife is only mildly annoyed with the purchase.
Or is this a name thing?  Len likes a statue of someone named Len(in)?  I don’t get it.

When I got Darren’s email, I almost immediately recognized his allusion to “Alice wanting a stone fountain for the backyard” as referencing a multi-strip story in Cul de Sac, which I had recently seen. But I couldn’t find it in recent GoComics reprints of the CdS archive. Anyhow, the CIDU advisers crew responded to my inquiry in our Random Comments thread, and identified the early appearance of the story starting around and including for example this one:

Further, commenter jajizi identified an earlier similar storyline, starting around and including for example: