Hey, isn’t there some holiday around now?

Fourth of July comics galore … if you’ve skipped the hot dogs, how about some Shrimp and Grits?

Thanks to Boise Ed for this Shrimp and Grits:

FYI, Andy Marlette who does this strip is apparently the nephew of the late Doug Marlette, known as creator of Kudzu and for his editorial cartooning.

But wait … there’s more!

Like most male wearers of Speedos, he really shouldn’t. With that body type, there’s nothing solemn or sacred. Scared, maybe.

In my neighborhood there are unofficial fireworks for all sorts of holidays and unexplained occasions, chiefly firecrackers. But indeed the loudest and longest-running are the official displays for The Fourth and other sanctioned events …. but always supplemented by local enthusiasts.
And so most major holidays are accompanied by topical responses in pet advice blogs, veterinary newsletters, and pet supply store tracker ads, on how to soothe and de-stress the furry friends in the face of the startling noises.

If you noticed an OY category marker for this post, and wondered which item(s) may have triggered that, here is one answer.

Back in OY territory!

And finally, time for “Ballad for Americans”

In seventy-six the sky was red
thunder rumbling overhead
Bad King George couldn’t sleep in his bed
And on that stormy morn, Ol’ Uncle Sam was born.

Call for 4th of July comics


We’re going to succumb to Independence Day fervor and have a potpourri posting on the Fourth, with any and every kind of comic, whether funny, punny, or puzzling, as long as it relates to that holiday.

But it’s scheduled to go live on the day! So we need items that are already out there! Thanks!

So far all we have is a nice stock photo of people watching fireworks, which serves as featured image. It would be sad to have this presiding over an empty page.

Would you like to join the CIDU editorial team?

Contact Mitch and WinterWallaby at the usual submission address if you are interested in being a Co-Editor in Training.

What you will be doing (immediately or soon)

• Join in maintaining email correspondence with readers
   • and content submitters
   • and grey-eminence type advisory panel members
• and our sponsors/publishers (the Bickel family)
• Read and monitor the flow of comment posting, manage the Pending (“moderation”) and Spam buckets, and make your own comments or edit reader comments as necessary to avoid out-of-line ill-tempered disputes. (And of course to enjoy expressing your own views!)
• Initially in consultation with the rest of the editorial team, and later independently, decide how and when to use material submitted by readers.
• Share the mouse-and-keyboard tasks of getting that reader-submitted material uploaded, posted, and editorially framed.
• Find material for posting from the course of your own comics reading, and post it

What you need to be/do/have/know to “apply”

• This is a volunteer activity, not a job. Unpaid. No set office hours.
• You should be in general familiar with the CIDU site and our usual contents and style, and in general enjoy comicstrip humor. But you don’t have to be a prolific commenter.
• You should be able to maintain a sense of humor and relaxed cooperation for negotiating collaborative plans, decisions, and solutions
• You do not need to be familiar with WordPress admin pages or app! But you should be someone who considers yourself adept at picking up and using web-browser-based forms and tools, with only casual instruction (email texts and maybe some Zoom screenshare sessions)
• You should be able to work from a full screen desktop or laptop computer with reasonably uptodate OS and web browser and related tools.
• You should not insist on tech eccentricities that would prevent effectively using the WordPress editing web app.

“My mother is a fish” (bonus post)

When people talk about Faulkner these days, they tend to concentrate on societal portrayals, and sometimes forget that he was right up there with the (other) Modernists when it comes to novel and effective experimental narration. (Or else, as some of the GoComics commenters would have it, reduce his style to complaining of unparseably long Proustian sentences.)

AILD, while still very consciously / critically “Southern”, is really fun and funny, and a great demo of taking a then-new technical experimental narrative device, and running with it!

I always speak like this?

Thanks to Kilby, who saw the rerun Cul de Sac, was reminded of the recent Jesus and Mo, and was led to ask Jesus reads “Cul de Sac”?

If you enjoy Jesus and Mo?, then for some science?, and a lot of opinion?, you might enjoy the Why Evolution is True blog from retired University of Chicago Professor Jerry Coyne?, who often prints in the blog fresh Jesus and Mo strips he receives from them?

P.S. This ginger guy is Mo? He’s a big help with email?

How much of that is Mickey? (bonus post)

Since we previously dropped in on “Arlo and Janis, The College Years”, here is the current chapter.

The CIDU matter is, What-all is going on in panel 3? The red must come from the Mickey phone, and by panel 4 we see it has been swept to the floor on the other side. But the panel 3 scene doesn’t simply show the phone partway through its flying path — there are lots of twist indicators or something.