I always speak like this?

Thanks to Kilby, who saw the rerun Cul de Sac, was reminded of the recent Jesus and Mo, and was led to ask Jesus reads “Cul de Sac”?

If you enjoy Jesus and Mo?, then for some science?, and a lot of opinion?, you might enjoy the Why Evolution is True blog from retired University of Chicago Professor Jerry Coyne?, who often prints in the blog fresh Jesus and Mo strips he receives from them?

P.S. This ginger guy is Mo? He’s a big help with email?

How much of that is Mickey? (bonus post)

Since we previously dropped in on “Arlo and Janis, The College Years”, here is the current chapter.

The CIDU matter is, What-all is going on in panel 3? The red must come from the Mickey phone, and by panel 4 we see it has been swept to the floor on the other side. But the panel 3 scene doesn’t simply show the phone partway through its flying path — there are lots of twist indicators or something.

Site Comments, February 2022 Edition

This is the next edition of “Site Comments”, a parallel to the “Random Comments” threads, and meant to relieve the density of commenting in those. While the Random Comments threads will continue to welcome comics-related (and semi-comics-related) topics, as well as life-in-general, this Site Comments thread is the place for suggestions / complaints / questions / musings on how this site is organized and operates. So if you have thoughts about, say, the placement of Recent Comments versus Recent Posts lists, this would be the place for that.

(That is not to say this is the only form of feedback available. Among other routes, you can write to Editors at the submissions address, submissions dot cidu at gmail dot com. But it is explicitly intended to funnel off site commentary from the Random Comments threads.)

This will also be a place for site managers to post questions and requests for ideas, along with operational notices like warnings of theme experimentation coming up etc., besides alerts in separate sticky posts.

At the same time as inaugurating this kind of thread, it is time for yet another rollover of the venerable Random Comments thread. The one about to close, with 369 comments, is “Random Comments, Late 2020 Edition” , and the one getting started contemporaneous with this Site Comments is “Random Comments, February 2022 Edition”.

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar (under “folder” icon 2nd tab). A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here, and can also be found linked in the left sidebar menu.

And the site’s former FAQ is here, representing the unique voice and outlook of CIDU Bill. An update for current addresses and notes is now available here, and can also be found linked in the left sidebar menu.

Random Comments, February 2022 Edition

Same as the previous series of Random Comments threads (which have each been closed to further commenting because they’ve gotten too long), this will be accessible from a link in the left sidebar (under “triple-line” icon 1st tab).

Please remember that this is intended for public comics-related (or comics semi-related) comments only: if you want to send the editors a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (LOL, Oy, etc), or you want to inform us of a typo, please e-mail us at 4imageonline-co-textimage.  “Comics-semi-related” may in practice include your observations on life and language… But not politics, puh-leese!

However, starting in October 2020, we have been using a second, parallel open comments thread, for a specific area of topics: ideas for how to maintain or develop this site.   Look for the link in the left sidebar (under “triple-line” icon 1st tab).  The head post for the current Site Comments thread is HERE

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar (under “folder” icon 2nd tab). A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here.

And the site’s FAQ is here.


I don’t know yet exactly what the problem is, but the address “comicsidontunderstand.com” is no longer working; there seems to be a DNS forwarding issue.

Unfortunately the default free Word Press site name “https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com ” also is not working, for purposes of using the plain web browser type web site — because it tries to redirect to “comicsidontunderstand.com”!

(The “https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com ” does work for the admin back end. That’s where I am posting this from, and working to undo that frustrating redirect, and other solutions.)

Partial solutions or work-arounds you can do, now or later.

  1. Right now, if you have (or choose to obtain) a Word Press account, you can use Word Press Reader mode to read CIDU posts and comments and leave comments. 1A. Go to https://wordpress.com, sign in with your WP account, and click on Reader. OR go directly to https://wordpress.com/read .
    1B. Look for “Followed Sites” and a red MANAGE button. Add godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com to sites you follow.
    1C. This is about Reader Mode of wordpreee.com . It is not about tyhe reader modes that some browsers provide.
  2. Wait for fix to be found, and keep trying regular browser site for “https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com/”
  3. We have obtained the domain name “COMICSIDONTUNDERSTAND.NET” and will be working to make it work for the CIDU site. DNS stuff always takes a couple days to propagate, so just stay tuned.
  4. Also you can keep checking “comicsidontunderstand.com”
  5. RSS users, I don’t know if those are still working. Please let us know.

Apologies for this problem!