Call for 4th of July comics


We’re going to succumb to Independence Day fervor and have a potpourri posting on the Fourth, with any and every kind of comic, whether funny, punny, or puzzling, as long as it relates to that holiday.

But it’s scheduled to go live on the day! So we need items that are already out there! Thanks!

So far all we have is a nice stock photo of people watching fireworks, which serves as featured image. It would be sad to have this presiding over an empty page.


  1. If you get enough submissions, why not time them to post one comic every hour, or every two hours (depending on how many you get), sort of like CIDU Bill did with his 24-hour projects? Running that sort of a feature on a holiday makes more sense, because then more people have a chance to participate, and keeping them one comic per post would make the discussion about each comic easier to follow.

  2. With the 4th being on a Monday, there will probably be a number of relevant Sunday strips the day before.

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