Whatting their whats?

(If you think the Carolyn Hax column where this appeared might explain it, you can try this freebie link and read it for yourself. But I thought the connection was barely discernible.)

Afterthought. — This had already been in the queue for about a week, with the title “Whatting their whats?” as still shown, when I happened on this Frog Applause and wanted to postscript it for the wording.

Like a brick doghouse (bonus cidu)

Stan sent this in and provided a summation of the storyline that led up to it.

Stan’s summary: “Got a head-scratcher here… Peanuts had a running storyline of Snoopy getting obsessed with the idea of a big bad wolf coming to blow his doghouse down. To calm him, Lucy draws some lines on the doghouse to make it look like it’s made of bricks to thwart potential lupine attacks. Then this strip comes along. I haven’t got a clue what Snoopy is going on about.”

Mitch’s response: “Thanks for explaining the backstory!  That explains what has happened that annoys him so much: the rain has erased the brick design.  I guess his verbal expression of annoyance is meant to resemble the sort of cute-colorful countryisms at one time associated with Dan Rather, or some TV old lady who said something about grits.  Only, he’s not a country-and-western  dog , so he comes up with some other annoying thing to compare it with.  But he is just giving it as a comic comparison, not saying anything actually about heating pads. Nor any connection to the brick doghouse story, either.”

But is that funny? Does it require some substantial point of connection?

For your context & amusement, here are some of the strips establishing that story:

Good old-fashioned pineapple hate

BillR sent this in and said “I know pineapple on pizza is a contentious issue (I’m in favor, myself) but what’s the joke here?” And hdh sent it and had a related thought: “Okay does this have something to do with the domino effect or pineapple on pizza controversy?”

I agree it’s probably just a gesture of pineapple-hate.  But I can’t quell the urge to take “gruesome”  as “grew some”  despite not having any available grammatical quirk that would make that sensible.  

Hey, not avoiding brand names!

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 22nd, 2022

The caption does a good job of picking up on some terminology that is deep deep geezerdom, beyond even the floppies themselves.

And I recently noticed some folks referring to the 💾emoji as “save file” rather than anything about “disk”.

From the “Ain’t it the truth!” brand of complaint humor:

The dog is up to something, hmm?

Bonus Bliss, with a somewhat less communicative canine:

Saturday Morning Oys – May 21st, 2022 

From Andréa:

And which sort of meaning is invoked in “Check your privilege”?

The person sending this in said Today’s “Rubes” would qualify either for a Sunday Funnies or a
Saturday OY post
. So which one won out? Aha, Andréa found it too and says “OY (also, EW – and such a waste when folks are starving in the world)”.
A couple of OYs from Darren, who says “The unshelved is old, but I enjoyed the extra time to get it” (Old inasmuch as “This classic Unshelved striporiginally appeared on May 9, 2011.”)

… and “Along with 10 seconds before I got the loose parts ‘remorse'”: