Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 28th, 2023

From maggiethecartoonist:

Suggested by a reader who is fond of both Mutts and meta-comic jokes:

Thanks to Maggiethecartoonist for this GibbleGuts:

And Maggiethecartoonist also provides these two more Garfield entries — with brief comments for each!

“Farms must be fun.”

‘I cleaned out all the comic folders, and my computer still looks like a meatball!’

It’s All Here in Black and White

(in this case, CIDU stands for Coloring I Don’t Understand)

Kilby writes:

I have mentioned Macanudo’s gray scale problem at Arcamax several times:

It’s too early to be sure where this will go, but Liniers has started a story arc related to color loss:

So far, my favorite strip was on Tuesday, but Wednesday was good, too.

I am guarding my optimism, but nevertheless still hopeful that when their colors do return, the color will also return to the Sunday strips at Arcamax.

That first comic above in color, on ComicsKingdom:

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 18, 2022

From Ooten Aboot, with an illuminating commentary:

In 1874, a similar culture clash happened in real life when Montreal’s McGill University challenged Harvard to a two game “football” match. To McGill, “football” meant Rugby, while Harvard followed “Boston Rules”, a version of Soccer with limited catching and carrying of a spherical ball. The solution was to play one game under each set of rules. Harvard won the “Boston” game, while the Rugby result was a 0-0 tie. Nevertheless, Harvard apparently liked the McGill style and adopted similar rules, so that encounter with McGill may have been the origin of American Football as it known today.

A case of How to Respond to Critics?