Repetitive asynchronicity

I don’t mind an occasional re-run, but it gets a little more interesting when an artist decides to re-draw a strip.

Here’s the Non-Sequitur from Valentine’s Day:

It seemed awfully familiar, and I soon discovered that Wiley had already done a strip with exactly the same joke (2019-11-01):

(This time on All Saints’ Day, which doesn’t seem quite as appropriate.)

The really weird thing is that Wiley had already done exactly the same strip (but in monochrome) a full twenty years before (1999-01-26):

Either Wiley is completely forgetting his own archive, or he is being unusually careful about getting this joke “perfect”.

In memory of CIDU Bill Bickel

Several years ago, Bill commented upon the unusual frequency of “Grim Reaper” comics, and he even held an informal submission contest to prove his point.

For this reason, I suggested scheduling the following comic collection for today, the second anniversary of Bill’s extremely untimely passing, in memory of a dear friend whom we all miss terribly, and who (I believe) would have understood this rather unorthodox memorial presentation in the humorous and good-natured fashion in which it is sincerely intended.

It’s simply a real shame that Bill could not have had the chance to read and comment upon these comics with us all.

Michael Kilby

This Strange Brew was contributed by Andréa, originally as an Oy:

Leigh Rubin keeps on returning to the Grim Reaper theme: