Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 10th, 2022

Oh oh oh, I’ve found it!

“Here’s an apocryphal story that I figure prominently in.”
A CIDUer received this in some email without source info, and passed it along. The artist seems to be Mike Gruhn, who posts cartoons to Instagram and here-and-there; and has his own site, called WebDonuts.  He had a feature called Caption Challenge or Caption Contest, which seems to end in 2015. A note on the WebDonuts site from 2019 indicates  that Instagram would be the place to look for his current material.

The mirror is sketched oddly and had me thinking for a second it was a cleaver! But thankfully, no!

CIDU Bill had saved this one to an unused draft dated 2019/08/17 and called “Strange Family”, as a CIDU:

Ban on passive progressive

Thanks to Dale for sending this in, and saying “Is that fish supposed to be smoking? That doesn’t seem funny. Is it that it’s out of the bowl & sitting human fashion? Would that be funny? Are the other fish frowning or is that just resting fish face?”

Also I wondered, as did Dale, as did some commenters at goComics, whether this could have something to do with smoked fish.

That’s where the title about passive progressive comes in. It used to be that you weren’t supposed to say something like “Their house is being built currently”. And instead the recommended form was “Their house is a-building currently” or (slightly less eccentric sounding today) “Their house is building currently”. And by those rules, in place of “The fish is being smoked” you would have “The fish is smoking“. And voilà, here we have a picture of “The fish is smoking”.

Okay, in the spirit of supplementing the daily CIDU with entertaining musical clips, here is Cream doing “Strange Brew”:

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, January 2nd, 2022

But come to think of it, why would Connie be surprised at any of the elements of Jeremy’s forefront concerns as depicted? These are the interests he manifests in waking life as well.

It turns out they had a whole dinosaur-themed series; so this one may lose some of the charm of the Stegosaurus showing up in the conversation out of nowhere.

I was just tickled by the key idea here, of ironic and non-ironic being explicit seating options.

This may be a word-play comic, but it was seen too late to get in the Saturday New YOy collection.

And hot off the presses!