Index of Random Comment and Site Comment Threads

Not everything on this site is a posted comic or reaction to one. Sometimes people have wanted to just talk about anything or everything. Some of this fitted well into regular comic-comment threads, what with the community’s high tolerance for “thread drift”. But sometimes someone would want to start right out on a side street, without needing to get there by tangent. Thus the birth of the Random Comments threads. (Some technically threaded from a Post and some from a Page; but without any significance to this distinction.)

At some point, the Random Comments thread then in operation began to fill with mostly technical or management related matters (such as how to terminate one such thread and start another, while keeping the link in the sidebar!). This tendency accelerated with the passing of CIDU founder and solo operator Bill Bickel in September 2020, and the posting of remembrances as well as extensive discussion of whether a caretaker editorial team could keep the site going.

After some of that was resolved, it was thought to give Random Comments a fresh start for amusements and tangents flowing from the world of comics, so a new thread was started. And because technical and administrative issues were not 100% cleared up, a separate Site Comments thread was started up to hold that sort of discussion and leave Random Comments for fun and … randomness!

In February 2022 it was clear that both those threads were getting cumbersome to follow comments on, so a rotation was made on both at the same time.

Site Comments Thread(s)

First Site Comments, October 2020 – February 2022


Second Site Comments, February 2022 Current



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Random Comments Threads

Thanks to CIDU regular Kilby for compiling and annotating the list, and suggesting this page.

This is the topnote for the current Random Comments thread.
Random Comments, Late 2020 Edition
Starts 01-Oct-2020
This is currently the penultimate edition of “Random Comments”
Random Comments, 2020 Edition
Starts 30-Jan-2020
CIDU Bill’s last “random comments” post: it contains many pages of discussion about how to continue CIDU after his passing on 16-Sep-2020.
Starts 06-Jun-2019
The All-New Random Comments Page for the Summer of 2019
This post grew to 302 comments before Bill shelved it.
The New Random Comments Page
Starts 27-May-2019. (Overlaps the one below.)
This meta post has 66 comments about the random comments page, plus a link to the entry below.
Random Comments 2019
Starts 17-May-2019
This was probably an abandoned transitional attempt. It contains a link to the “first” page, below.
The Page Formerly Known as Random Comments
Starts 01-Jan-2018
This was Bill’s first “Your Random Comments” page after the server meltdown at the end of 2017.