Site Comments, October 2020 Edition

This is the first edition of “Site Comments”, a parallel to the “Random Comments” threads, and meant to relieve the density of commenting in those. While the Random Comments threads will continue to welcome comics-related (and semi-comics-related) topics, as well as life-in-general, this Site Comments thread is the place for suggestions / complaints / questions / musings on how this site is organized and operates. So if you have thoughts about, say, the placement of Recent Comments versus Recent Posts lists, this would be the place for that.

(That is not to say this is the only form of feedback available. Among other routes, you can write to Editors at But it is explicitly intended to funnel off site commentary from the Random Comments threads.)

This will also be a place for site managers to post questions and requests for ideas, along with operational notices like warnings of theme experimentation coming up etc., besides alerts in separate sticky posts.

At the same time as inaugurating this kind of thread, it is time for yet another rollover of the venerable Random Comments thread. The one about to close, with 650 comments, is “Random Comments, 2020 Edition” , and the one getting started contemporaneous with this Site Comments is “Random Comments, Late 2020 Edition”

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar (under “folder” icon 2nd tab). A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here, and can also be found linked in the left sidebar menu.

And the site’s former FAQ is here, representing the unique voice and outlook of CIDU Bill. An update for current addresses and notes is now available here, and can also be found linked in the left sidebar menu.


  1. I was just writing a belated Hanukka card (or early end of year card) for Robin Bickel, which put me in a reflective mood. And I want to take this opportunity to thank the CIDU editors for a year of good work. I am impressed with the friendly way in which the ‘no politics’ rule – and also, probably, a ‘no epidemiology and virology rule’ has been upheld.

  2. Update on Domain Issues

    As of 2022-02-06 at 5:00 PM Central

      Works now and should comtinue to work

    2. comicsidontunderstand.COM is not working, and we do not expect that to change in the very short term

    3. comicsidontunderstand.NET is mostly working,
      unless trying from a browser session where you have experienced failure trying to connect comicsidontunderstand.COM . (In that case, it may work to open fresh browser session, especially in Private or Incognito mode.)
      We expect it to be working in all browser and link cases within a few days.

    4. When comicsidontunderstand.NET “works in your browser” that means it conects to the CIDU site on WordPress, which then gets the browser to display . Many people (including me) don’t like that, so after everything is stable we may want to change it so comicsidontunderstand.NET becomes what they term the “primary domain”, the one the site reports back to the browser. But not immediately.

    5. Since comicsidontunderstand.COM is not working, existing links that reference the site that way are broken. If that domain name does not get back to work soon, we may think about editing menus, articles and pages that link to that form of the name. Oy, what a chore!

    6. It’s easy to get spoiled and fussy about how much typing you have to do. We can also supplement the recognized domain names that lead here by something short and snappy, say . (But we can promise not to then try to change the “primary domain” to that.)

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