Sunday Funnies – LOLs, September 25th, 2022

Nice to meet a dragon these days that isn’t a Game of Thrones nor a Wagnerian dragon.

More evidence for the idea that any philosophical system extended too far develops problems.

It’s in the detail!

The allusion surely does not need explication here at CIDU!

Okay, we’ll allow an Ewww-LOL this time!


Previously (in ) we explored the precedence of flutter-by before butterfly — to the surprise of many, including me.

Recently Andréa noticed: “BTW – I don’t know if it’s because of Monarch Butterfly Migration Season, or what, but have YOU noticed a plethora of caterpillar-to-butterfly jokes? I think I’ve seen 15-20 in the past week.”

Then almost immediately after seeing her mail, I ran across this from David Borchart in “Bob Mankoff presents: show me the funny (animal edition)” at Comics Kingdom:

Further … we went looking for more, and Andréa took a look for the ones she had encountered. And we all realized it had not been a widespread phenomenon from multiple sources, but an obviously conscious and intended series from the (don’t hold your breath for the duration of this title) “Bob Mankoff Presents: Show Me The Funny (Animal Edition)” people.

Nonetheless, no reason not to share their accomplishments with the CIDU crowd!

Down the Selador

Sent in (via the Suggest-a-CIDU Form) by Boise Ed, who says “We have ants carrying food, more ants carrying a bottle of wine, and a storm cellar. Why?”

The top comment at GoComics at the time I viewed it (by stevesilver48) asked “Do the Bilco doors go to the same place as the anthill?” and I made little sense of that, thinking it was about Sgt. Bilko of TV fame. But it turns out that is a brand name widely adopted as the general term — see this Home Depot page:

But wait! There’s more! What-all can “cellar door” mean?

Russell on Denoting?

This appeared on Daily Nous on 13 September 2022, just a couple days after the expression “the present King of England” changed(?) its meaning(?).

The “To φ or not to φ” comics feature on The Daily Nous is done by Tanya Kostocha ,  Assistant Professor of philosophy at Ashoka University. Russell’s theory of descriptions is long gone, but is still studied for the sake of understanding the variety of refutations and reformulations that succeeded it. Oh, and also for its well-remembered example, “The present King of France is bald” (uttered in 1905, when there was no current King of France).

Ah, to recline

Thanks to Dirk the Daring for sending this from Take it from the Tinkersons, a strip relatively new to CIDU.

Looking over the recent instances of the strip, we find some relevance in the day before:

This maybe clarifies his attitude in the top strip, which Dirk characterizes as “Yeah, maybe just don’t hurt the one I love”. But still leaves the wife’s reaction shot in the last panel as unclear in intent.

Saturday Morning OYs – September 10th, 2022

Several OYs from Andréa who says “Today must be Pun Day, rather than Labor Day . . . altho some of these puns could be considered quite labored . . .”.

Pedants / experts, have at it!

And another batch stamped “From Andréa” :