He’s in the doghouse over that!

Okay, it is funny that even in this stilts-in-the-water circumstance there is a separate little doghouse in the back yard, complete with feeding bowls. But is that the joke? Does it explain the things hanging from the outer walls of the houses? Boat bumpers?? What are the things stacked on either side of the big house? Lobster traps?? Are they out for a row instead of a walk?


The Cat’s first line raised some red flags, but turned out to be mostly litteral and not the takeoff point for a racial-politics discussion.

Then the CIDU to be explained is the reaction to triangles. Is he warning the Girl, because of the triangles in her collar? and the sort-of triangles her upswept hair strands make. Or his own ears? What’s the point?

For those interested in the actual question “Can cats see color?” [or “colour”], here is a search response, from a longer answer at a U.K Purina site :

Can cats see colour?

Yes, cats can see colours! Although they can’t appreciate the full spectrum and the vast variety of shades that we humans can, their world isn’t solely black and white like many previously believed.

Obligatory topic

Okay, it’s Resolutions…


“This year we’ll turn it around” counts as a resolution in my book!

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Maybe IDU that one?

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