Misogynist or Misogooseist?

Brian in STL sent this, commenting:

There is dispute in comments as to whether the Wiz is angry because his wife corrected him and he is going to “zap” her or whether he’s mad because he hates geese and is going to do something about that. People having personal experience with geese (including me) tend towards the latter.

Anyone who has had Canada Geese (not “Canadian” Geese!) in their neighborhood can well imagine it’s the birds he’s mad at, but it sure seems unclear.

Comics-world News

(Not “Comics World News”, which would be news about comics that spans the world, rather than news ABOUT the world of comics)

Spotted in Randy Cassingham’s This Is True (née This Just In, changed many years ago after SNL’s lawyers got on his case):

So Long to cartoonist Chris Browne, who took over the “Hägar the Horrible” strip from its creator, his father Dik, when Dik died in 1989. Chris wrote and drew the comic until he died, on February 5, at 70.

Some may recall that Dik Browne also created Hi and Lois, which I’d forgotten (if I ever knew).

Some nice coverage (and no, I don’t know why only the one got a preview–it did even when it wasn’t first):





I don’t use webthings that include photo filters, but I’ve seen the results, so I’m willing to believe that they can be used to morph her original picture into that horrific result. And I think I get the #NoFilter tag joke–there’s ONE filter she’s not using. But the progression of images doesn’t seem to support that: if the last one was lacking the flowers, then it would make sense.

Or am I missing something else??

Goodness Gracious!

More an OY, possibly an Arlo-OY, or what my sister calls a “time joke”—one that you get, but it takes a moment.

zbicyclist suggests accompaniment and/or a hint via a link to this video:

He notes, “If you watch closely, the lip synch (particularly for the piano playing) has a few misses in it” and that another, actually live performance is better in that regard: