Some updates to sending in and processing comics

We will use this post and its comment thread for some needed reminders or clarifications. They will probably get reposted to Site Comments. If you have comments or responses to these, feel free to use either of those threads for replies. Thanks

1) LOL and OY submissions automatically approved

We’re trying to promote the understanding of LOL and OY collection posts that they are reader-driven ideally.  And apart from correcting duplications or filtering the not-safe-for-family, the editors are not going to be judgey about whether we think a sent-in comic is really funny or not, really a good wordplay or not.  It’s more like anything-goes.  

Call for 4th of July comics


We’re going to succumb to Independence Day fervor and have a potpourri posting on the Fourth, with any and every kind of comic, whether funny, punny, or puzzling, as long as it relates to that holiday.

But it’s scheduled to go live on the day! So we need items that are already out there! Thanks!

So far all we have is a nice stock photo of people watching fireworks, which serves as featured image. It would be sad to have this presiding over an empty page.

Call for comics!

Please consider sharing seasonal / holiday themed comics you see that would appeal to the CIDU site community, whether good LOLs and Oys or genuine CIDU head-scratchers!

If you mail to the standard submissions address, in the next few days (preferably with “[for xmas post]” in the subject line), we would like to include it in the cumulative Christmas Day post. (New tradition!)

(That address is



Your 2021 Editors, Mitch and Winter Wallaby