Your New Comic Strips for 2019

I’m afraid I had to drop a number of strips this year — they were no longer, as Marie Kondo would say, sparking joy — but I did add one: Pajama Diaries .

Technically I did add a few others, but they didn’t last the year.

So the traditional December 31 question: What strips did you add this year?

Feel free to include as many links as necessary.

(Everybody’s 2018 lists; earlier lists, of course, were destroyed during Comicgeddon)


  1. About a Library, The Argyle Sweater, The Far Side! He’s back, but it’s all old cartoons as far as I can tell. But still.

  2. I had added several political cartoonists to my list . . . after several months, not only did they not ‘spark joy’, they exacerbated depression to an untenable degree, so I dropped all but three.

    As for additions that’ve stayed the course, at least for this year:
    INKPEN –
    BLISS –
    1 AND DONE –

  3. I loved Pajama Diaries, but Libenson is ending her strip this week. As for strips I added, only The Devil’s Panties was my new add.

  4. I think Andertoons may have been added for me last year, but maybe this year.

    It was this year that I started actually reading and really enjoying Lay Lines, rather than glancing and breezing by it, and thinking it too long and complicated to dedicate any time to in my daily comics perusal. (It seems to be issued once weekly, but on Mondays not Sundays, with something like a 12 panel story.) But once I got over feeling excluded by not knowing the back story of a long continuing fantasy/magic story, it became very satisfying.

    But I haven’t been able to jump that hurdle and actually follow Widdershins. You’d think the wealth of detailed drawing would make it easier to remember individuated characters. But no, I generally don’t have any idea who’s who and how they relate. Any fans here who can offer tips on getting into it?

    I did start regularly reading the new Nancy, tho not there with her at the very beginning of the new era. Just as well I missed the period of super-hype and overly negative counter reaction. It’s quite good, and a good job of rethinking an ancient legacy strip, but not a huge revolution for comic strips in general.

    This year I started looking at Twitter more, and among the public figures I noticed some comics creators who talk about other topics as well. This category might include Sean Martin (?) of Doc & Raider, and Teresa Burritt of the marvelously inscrutable collage panel Frog Applause, who is involved in a medical-related cause.

  5. I just cut my MyComics list to 9 comics. It was 41. It got too big and the fun ran out. Now I’m getting back to basics (Pearls Before Swine, Non Sequitur, Doonesbury, Bloom County, Arlo, Tom Toles, two Kliban strips, and Betty. Kliban and Doonesbury are borderline but make me smile.)

  6. “Mo” by Ann Telnaes. It appears only once a week (on Mondays) on GoComics and may be too political for some, but the artwork is beautiful. Mo’s bartender boss is a force to behold.

  7. Oh yes, +1 for Mo and Ann Telnaes.

    For political cartoons, I’ve subscribed to the Nib, and apparently something called Counterpoint. On GoComics I still hate read Mallard Fillmore.

  8. No changes to the lineup this year. I will occasionally read one for a short while to follow up on a storyline that I see somewhere.

  9. I only added the new Far Side site, but honestly it hasn’t added much joy to my life. I’m thinking of dropping at least 1/3 of my current lineup at this point, actually.

  10. And here I was all excited that there was ANOTHER comic about libraries . . . I already read that one, altho I much preferred their original, UNSHELVED.

  11. @Andrea — I used to read the Oatmeal years ago. Completely forgot all about it until you included it on your list. I can’t remember why I stopped reading it, but i feel like I made a conscious decision to do so. Now it’s driving me nuts trying to remember why!

  12. @Andrea I’ve already started! Thank goodness work is slow this week. So far, it’s as hilarious as I remember…ooh! maybe something will offend me! Or maybe I’ve grown since I’ve last read it and whatever I found offensive back then no longer registers on that scale….

  13. Is anyone else finding The Far Side more tedious than amusing? I know I am and the only reason I’m keeping it is in case a new one shows up.

  14. I now read Cul de sac as well as Wallace the brave but I could live without them.
    I check Jen Sorensen (weekly) to get a feeling of the political situation in the US.
    In the end, I only enjoy Basic instructions (reruns, alas, but better than half-assed new material).

  15. @ Andréa – I know from experience that “The Far Side” works best in small doses. I have the “Complete Far Side” in printed form (three large volumes in paperback), and still enjoy reading it. Most (but not all) of Larson’s comics hold up pretty well, but they suffer when read in binge amounts.
    P.S. If you are just referring to the new website as being “tiresome”, I would agree with you completely. The overall design is awkward, and unsearchable. The whole thing seems superfluous.

  16. I, too, wondered if reading ONE a day would be better than the three or four he is putting up every day.

    And I think – someone mentioned claiming copyright – he is putting up as many as possible as soon as possible, to claim ownership. That’s the only reason that, to me, makes sense of this entire project. He’s not doing it for his audience; he’s doing it for his own legal rights.

  17. Nope, no need, copyright is automatic upon creation, and doesn’t need to be affirmed or defended.

    Trademark has more restrictions and is the source the “must be defended” trope, but he is and has been in absolutely no danger of losing his trademark in “The Far Side”. I haven’t been to the site, but rest assured, there are no legal gotchas that would necessitate it.

  18. It’s a good thing I remembered this post is here: My daily list has been hemorrhaging comics for weeks, and I need some replacements.

    On the upside, I surprised myself by spelling “hemorrhaging” correctly on my first try.

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