1. The Strip Poker joke is excellent!

    I wondered if the matrioshka dolls’ coffins should have been nested / embedded. But then we wouldn’t be able to see them.

  2. “If there was a doll in each coffin, they couldn’t’ve been nested.”

    But you could nest the corpses….

    But then you’d only need one coffin (and we come full circle).

  3. DanV, this seems set in a world where all the people are Russian nested dolls. As you can see in the case of the one at the lectern giving a eulogy. And the ones seated in rows, seem to be like that from this view, though not in detail.

    And then the gag is that the funeral is for a deceased member of that tribe, who had multiple bodies of different sizes, and hence requires multiple coffins of different sizes.

  4. Oh! Or maybe you were seeing the section with them sitting in rows as a separate comic, distinct from the funeral one “above it”? That would indeed be in need of explanation. But no, they go together.

  5. I always thought of the dolls as different people who can jump back and forth from the womb. But they are connected by a bond for all their lives so it’s conceivable that the multiple people would die together (the bond is so strong they can’t live without each other) and have a group funeral.

    It doesn’t change the joke one iota but it is a different interpretation of how the nested doll universe works.

  6. 1) Actually, I think what Arlo did is probably more environmentally sound anyway.

    2) I never actually referred to it or heard it referred to as a “bathhouse”.

  7. @beckoningchasm – consider why he doesn’t need to go, after sitting out there just as long as Janis has, and also consuming some drink.

  8. It seems a bit unfair to play strip poker with a dog, as it has only its collar to lose before it loses the game. In this case the dog doesn’t even have a collar. But I guess it’s equal, as Death has only one garment and the dog has his wheelchair.

  9. Woozy, the bath house is where people can change, and leave their clothing in a locker. The building also has a bathROOM.

  10. “Woozy, the bath house is where people can change, and leave their clothing in a locker. The building also has a bathROOM.”

    Isn’t that kind of archaic and quaint? Don’t most beaches now force you to change while hopping on one foot next to the chemical septic toilet and trying to avoid stepping in the dubious puddles collecting in the pitted cement floor?

  11. “Woozy, they charge you to use the bath house for the day.”

    *who* charges you? This really seems …. well, not how the world is these days. Or do I just live in Hell?

  12. @ woozy – “who charges you?
    I remember “bath houses” from campgrounds and parks that we visited on vacations (decades ago, so things may have changed since then). Usage was normally part of the admission fee (or sometimes as an optional extra). I can’t recall any pay toilets, but I do remember running into pay showers (cold water was free, but you had to insert a coin to get hot water.

  13. Yes, at public / municipal beaches, who-you-pay for changing room use and the like would be “the city” or more likely the concession holders.

  14. When we used to go to Rockaway Beach when I was little I don’t remember if they had toilets or not – but we lived about 6 houses away from it. When we went to the town beach club when we moved out here to LI, there were free toilets.

    In the RV parks they have bath houses. There are people who are actually tent camping and have no alternative. We tend to use the bathhouses until we are settled into bed for the night (then we use our toilet closet). The RV parks we have been to have bathhouses that range from summer camp type ones to one that has fancy ceramic tile on the walls and real doors to each toilet and each shower. Generally they also have a washer & dryer in at least one of the bathhouses. The park we go to most often not only has a men’s room and a women’s room but also has family bathrooms – toilet, sink and shower in one room so one can help someone who needs help whether child, handicapped (roll in showers) or older person. Generally use the showers to take a shower rather than pull up the floor of the RV and have to dry the curtain before it is put away. Since one is paying for their space, bathrooms are included.

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