Robert Kinney sent this in, and asks “What in that sonagram tells us that this is a rooster?  I don’t get what this is trying to tell us, or why it’s supposed to be funny.”

While I was browsing the Tundra site (for context and to check if this one was available in color) I noticed that his Gallery page provides a few comics that some readers felt were in need of explanatiion – which he then provides, sometimes in an answer-strip!

Filling in for today’s Saturday Morning Oy will be Saturday Morning LOL

I noticed the backlog of Oy’s and Ewww’s has pretty much run dry (this tends to be cyclical), while the LOL queue runneth over — so for the month of June I’m going to post LOL’s on Saturdays as well as Sundays.

ba reading

Submitted by B.A.


Submitted by Mitch

reality potato Andrea

Submitted by Andréa

tundra chad carpenter litter

Submitted by some cool cat