1. That “Argyle Sweater” seemed to be a lot more “Oy” than “Ewww”, unless it was tagged that way because the puns were so revolting.
    P.S. It’s clear that “Baby Blues” is trying to make a bubbly fart joke, but I don’t understand how Hammie thinks he’s going to be able to combine the leftover beans with the bubble stuff. Ingesting the latter would not work at all, and would taste horrible.

  2. … No? Why would everybody? Why would anybody if they weren’t drawing a comic and needing a pun?

  3. Usually you’d make the “knitted a sweater from my own silk” joke about spiders. I wonder what those things are meant to be? Some insects do make silk (notably lepidopterans) but these have 8 eyes, which no insect has.

    Yes, I’m nitpicking. Spiders have 8 legs as well as 8 eyes. These have 6 legs like an insect.

  4. Kilby: He’s a kid, what does he know?
    Carl: Don’t make fun of the differently-abled spiders!

  5. @Powers: You probably call “Montgomery Ward’s” by that name too, instead of calling it “Monkey Ward’s” like “everybody” I know used to do. (“Used to” because the name doesn’t come up often these days….)

  6. I’m with Mitch4.

    And, how many “Ewww” comics actually contain the word “Ew(ww)” in a speech baloon?
    I think I recall at least one other.

  7. +1 to “The Sound of Mucus”
    No to “Monkey Ward”
    US Air: Useless Air
    Allegheny Airlines: Agony Airlines
    Burger King: Barf and Choke? (per Namenforschung)

  8. When your last name is Montgomery, Monkey Wards takes on some unwanted depth. I was fine with it when they rebranded as just Wards. Real story, my mother was in ahem Wards ordering something, and the clerk filling out the paperwork asked her name. “Could you spell that, please?”

  9. Neiman Marcus = “Needless Markup”
    United Postal Service aka UPS = “Oops”

    There has been a long history of giving railroads whimsical nicknames:
    Amtrak = “Amcrash”, “Amcrap”
    Baltimore & Ohio RR = “Backwards & Obsolete”
    Boston & Maine RR = “Bankrupt & Morribund”
    …and many more can be found on this page:

  10. When I was in college, I don’t think I ever heard anybody refer to the local high-end supermarket as anything BUT Whole Paycheck (ironic, of course, since few of us had paychecks). And some people enjoyed calling the Costco competitor B. J.’s Whorehouse.

  11. And then there are the proposed mergers. Fedex + UPS = FedUp. Stop & Shop + A & P = Stop & P.

  12. Woody Allen famously suggested the merger of the magazines DISSENT and COMMENTARY; new name DYSENTERY.

    This is getting into “If (a) married (b) she’d be” joke territory, or unlikely couples jokes (“Happy Anniversary to the Rex family, Oedipus and Tyrannosaurus!”)

  13. Grawlix – Question – I am confused – United Parcel Service is UPS, United States Postal Service is USPS – which one was meant?

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