1. It took me a long while to figure out the third one. Given the circumstances of Jack’s confinement, I would have thought that he might have recorded the time using quarter-notes (♩) instead of simple bars (|).

  2. You’re right, Powers.
    I wonder if the term “gaslighting” was available then. (The movie with that title was from 1944, but I thought people didn’t commonly say that until later.) Anyhow, we might say the wife (or whoever that is) is gaslighting him.

  3. Look out Mitch4, they might gaslight you into thinking you’ve had too much. 🙂

    Now, relating to the comic with the track in the living room, an old song sprang to my mind.

  4. I still can’t shake the “déjà vu” feeling that I’ve seen the “Double-Decker Walking Tours” before. It doesn’t seem to be a CIDU repeat (unless it was before the G.D. meltdown), so the only thing I can think of is that I must have run into it when researching one of Kanin’s other drawings (probably “Shotgun Bar Mitzvah“).

  5. Wow, a Partch comic that’s actually kind of funny, doesn’t make me wince, and uses his drawing talents well.

  6. @ Pete – Thanks very much for the “Meathead” link. It wasn’t tagged with Kanin’s name, so I missed it when reviewing (not that the tag would have helped, since reading through all the comments for every Kanin post would have been too laborious).

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