1. Damn. I only saw a lower-case q.

    Still do, in fact, even though I know it’s a 9.

  2. At first, I was wondering why Death had a backward p on its front, then a q. Then I remembered cats are supposed to have 9 lives. (I’m used to the figure 9 looking like a g, with its tail going left).

  3. I also saw a mirror-image P until I stared at the comic for well over ten seconds.

  4. Chip, thx for that clip from the White Album. I grew very fond of this track! It’s quite in line with what advanced composers from out of the “classical” tradition were doing, in electronic music and what became “minimalism”.

  5. Of great consequence also was the interpretation of “Revolution” (*not* number 9) and the total difference of tone between the singles release and the cut on this album. You SAY you want a revolution …

  6. In my case, I think it was the color. I realized it was a 9 only when I saw the first comment. If it had been white (or black), I think I would have recognized the digit faster.
    P.S. In the cartoons (“Tom & Jerry” or “Sylvester & Tweety”), it’s usually the cat’s ghost that is numbered. I’ve never seen a numbered Death before.
    P.P.S. In German, cats only have seven lives, not nine, and Germans don’t experience “cloud nine”; instead, they find themselves “im siebten Himmel” (in “seventh Heaven”).

  7. So what did the cat do to cause a delayed death. He’s not roadkill or the like.

  8. I think Death of Cats has shown up eight times before. The cat has to go with him, but then comes back (the very next day?). This time, one-way.

  9. @ Brian – That explanation is (of course!) correct, and coupled with the dog’s obvious “Schadenfreude“, I think this is a sufficient joke. I assume that Bill’s CIDU tag was just because of the issue with the “9”.

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