Robert Kinney sent this in, and asks “What in that sonagram tells us that this is a rooster?  I don’t get what this is trying to tell us, or why it’s supposed to be funny.”

While I was browsing the Tundra site (for context and to check if this one was available in color) I noticed that his Gallery page provides a few comics that some readers felt were in need of explanatiion – which he then provides, sometimes in an answer-strip!


  1. I think just the concept of performing a sonogram on an egg is supposed to be funny by itself.

    The phrase “looks like you’re going to have a little rooster” is there to show us that this is a sonogram. It might not be clear from a picture alone.

  2. And here I thought it was because on the sonogram, the tech could discern a…cock!

    (Hey, somebody had to say it)

  3. I think it’s the old comic strip of “X + Y = zany humor!”. Looks like they are using the sonogram plus egg candling, the comment is only to make it clear that it’s a sonogram.

  4. I’m glad to say I understood all 3 comics in link! I like that the artist is able to poke fun at himself. Reminds me of Pastis.

  5. Might also be a little dig on the fact that no matter what a doctor tells you, it’s nigh impossible to make anything definitive out in a sonogram.

  6. The rooster is terrified because he knows on the farm there’s only a need for one rooster. He knows his days are numbered.

  7. Maybe papa rooster had not planned on having little roosters or hens and he is upset at his accident?

  8. I went ahead and subscribed to his Patreon page, and he works way ahead of date of official publication. And readers there can make comment threads on strips that are technically a few weeks in the future! (This also meant scrolling considerably back to check comments for a strip with an almost-current printed date.)

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