1. Everything is made of bricks and windows, including the tree. The tree would normally be made of wood.

    That’s all I got. I suppose it’s some comment on how nature is being consumed by the cities.

  2. Humans “think” they like nature. Every time we knock it down, we set up a replica. Very similar to naming a new home subdivision “Green Estates” with streets called “Deer Run” and “Oak Lane” after bulldozing it all away (including topsoil to sell back)

  3. This reminded me of the way a “Hundertwasser” building looks like in comparison to the “normal” buildings around it, especially since the tree looks vaguely like some of his tower designs.

  4. Is the stick figure on the bottom right dead or injured? Not that it help explain the comic to me, but just wondering if it’s significant if that’s what is happening.

  5. Chemgal, oh you’re right!
    Scrolling back thru recent Life on Earths, it is sometimes just “Ham” and sometimes with another name, “Lewit” recently. I momentarily thought that might be another part of the same person’s name, but further uninformed Internet exploration suggests that Ham of Life on Earth is Ham Khan

  6. I may not understand art (or this comic), but I know what I like!

    … and I kind of like this – the housing tree is whimsical.

  7. The first thing that popped into my mind was, “Ha. It’s a tree house.” But it’s actually more of a tree condo, so maybe it’s just a whimsical drawing.

  8. When I read the comment by Mark, I went back and looked at it, as I hadn’t noticed it at all on first view (was focused on the “tree”). I was looking at the “figure” in the corner and what I thought were some of the others looking over at the body. Then it did one of those vases/faces transformations for me and it suddenly looked like writing. So I looked up at the top and saw the name fit with a signature.

  9. I think I have heard it that a city is a place where they cut down all the trees, and then name the streets after them.

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