Saturday Morning Oys – October 16th, 2021

I really like treating “erudite” as the name of a mineral. But don’t care for the supposed punch line here that was used to get that across and try to pun on the standard meaning.


  1. They are apparently digging for grey erudite, not the rarer blue erudite.
    My friend came down with hepatitis — apparently ingested some hepatite.
    Archaeologists have found some of the lost works of Diabetes Mellitus.

  2. Zack’s mom (Jan) has been going on a series of dates with men from online services, in separate one-shot episodes that show their respective classic flaws. This one is a nice pun:

  3. The “We’re Klosed” reminded me of a joke about a Quaker, but all I remember of the joke is the punch line: “So the Quaker said ‘$@#& thee.”

  4. So Ralph is into obscure, second-rate psychedelic rock of the late 60s.What’s the joke?

    I kid. But I thought there had to have been a band with that name at some point. It’s possible I’d heard of them or seen a poster with their name on it, since they played shows with several much better-known SF groups.

  5. In other news, the Zomboni comic doesn’t quite work for me. I think a skeleton driving a “Zam-bony” (or similar) could work better. “Zomboni” just feels a bit tortured for me to work.

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