Sunday Funnies – LOLs, October 17th, 2021

Sent in by J-L, who says “It involves Jon trying to trick Garfield into taking a pill, and how Garfield tries to frustrate Jon’s plans. My family laughed at this because recently we have been trying to feed a pill to our dog, Honey Bun.  While the first few times were successful (it was easy to hide the pill in some delicious food of some sort), eventually Honey Bun got wise to our efforts and would spit out the pill, no matter how delicious the food was.” We agree, it is good to see Jon getting the better of Garfield now and then.

In another main segment of the domestic companion-animal kingdom, here is a dog who knows a lot but not everything:

This RWO was sent in by Le Vieux Lapin, who says “An LOL? An OTW? At the very least it’s a bit more off the wall than I expect from Hilary Price.”

I was a bit dithery over whether it could be considered a CIDU. But if there is somebody not familiar with Tetris it might briefly be a CIDU for them; but would not hold up for a day’s discussion.

Although I saw immediately that it was doing Tetris, I didn’t catch that the word PETRIS was reflecting that there are domestic pets in the scene. I thought for a second that the PETR- was the key part, and was using the Greek-derived stem for “rock” or “stone” — so that the falling tetris pieces would turn out made of stone, and were on their way to a destructive crash. Nice relief that they are pets and end up cozily tucked in.

The Arnold Zwicky blog has remarked on this cartoon twice, once yesterday when it was reprinted ( ) and once in 2010 when it first appeared ( ) Zwicky seems surprised that people today are still quite familiar with Tetris, and that is the main subject of yesterday’s column. [Oh wait, I should be saying “last Sunday’s blog” not “yesterday’s”; though I am writing this bit on Monday 2021-10-11.]

The first two panels are so familiar as a turnabout joke, with a variety of particular punch lines, its nice to see Horace coming up with something different.


  1. This Garfield, and the one before it:

    were pleasant surprises in a franchise that’s mostly been the same few not-very-funny jokes for the last several decades.

  2. @Chak, yes, my cats who like little pellet-style treats have always bitten thru them to make even-smaller pellets or crumbles, and not swallowed them whole. So what good is that sneaky little pill-pocket treat supposed to do?

  3. I sometimes have difficulty swallowing, and it helps to stroke some fingers down over the larynx a couple times. This does something at maybe the neurological level — I just mean it’s not a physical forcing of a lumpy pill down the throat by pressure. So I try this when needing to pill a cat — try to safely hold the teeth apart, slide (not “toss”) the pill onto the back part of the tongue, and then add that throat-stroking — which I maintain only looks like squeezing / forcing it down.

  4. When you come to a spoon in the road, take it.

    @Lord Flatulence: Yogi Berra claims that his original “fork in the road” was when he was giving driving directions to someone. The destination was in a cul-de-sac so it didn’t matter which branch he took.

    Yogi Berra also brings up the “fork in the road” along with many other Berra-isms in his motivational speeches.He claims that what it means as a metaphor for life is “Don’t just stand there at the fork in the road. Pick one and take it.”

  5. Public Art “Fork In The Road”

    If you look at the map, it really is at a fork in the road. As for pills and pets, when we had cats it was a major problem. Our best solution was to have the vet provide the meds in liquid form when possible, and apply it with an eye dropper. Still, a major undertaking. Next best, was crushing the pill and mixing it into moist cat food, preferably with gravy. They would still manage to spit out the larger granules. We have a dog now, and all we have to do is put a dab of peanut butter on it and it is gone in an instant.

  6. “Public Art “Fork In The Road””

    I was thinking that this looked kind of familiar, but then remembered it was a gag in The Muppet Movie.

    I can’t remember where my car keys are, but I can remember this movie clip from the late ’70s.

  7. For what it’s worth, our cat Small LOVES Pill Pockets. She knows perfectly well that there is a pill inside, because we just put it in in front of her, but she comes running over when she hears my wife pick up the pills, and then she mews impatiently as Lis puts the pill in the pocket.

    Our cat Nicky is completely unimpressed by Pill Pockets, but he likes chasing and wrassling. So when I pick up HIS pill bottle, he runs away about five yards, then waits, then runs away but never TOO far, then, when I get him, I wrassle his mouth open and throw the pill down his throat, and then he sits and snuggles me for about thirty seconds before leaving.

  8. I think Garfield is watching one of those old Tex Avery nature documentary cartoons. Was there one where the predator buys his lunch from a vending machine?

  9. I think the Muppet fork inspired some real-world road-fork sculptures.

    In regards to the Petris comic, is my experience at the house of some relatives, that their cats often just piled on top of one another, rather than neatly fit together on a sofa.

  10. I saw a video where feral kittens had been pulled out of a shed. The were a ball o’ kitties crammed into the farthest corner of the cage.

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