Random Comments, February 2022 Edition

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“Comics-semi-related” may in practice include your observations on life and language… But not politics, puh-leese!

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  1. Not just geezer stuff at work. Some of our participants are not from the USA, so references can elude them. I have to say that I hadn’t heard, “don’t yuck my yum” but I don’t find it confusing or hard to understand.

    I view a fair amount of cooking videos, and there are always that contingent in comments that announce that whatever was prepared is the most disgusting thing ever, or is being incorrectly prepared. Bonus points for insulting all Americans while at it.

  2. @ Brian – Even those of us who are from America (but don’t live there) will miss references that depend on being plugged into current American pop culture. I recognized the name of Mariah Carey, but I have absolutely no interest in her music, and certainly did not know about her claim to be “Queen of Christmas”. Similarly, I have no regrets about missing references to whatever odious sitcoms or Internet memes that may be currently fashionable in the US. That’s just another reason why I live “here“, and not “there”.

  3. For anyone that is interested, I discovered today (quite by accident), that Two Party Opera has started up again.

  4. @ guero – I’ve never followed it on a regular basis, but Two Party Opera has shown up unusually often when searching for other items at GoComics. The first “post-sabbatical” strip appeared on 6-Jan-2023, and daily updates resumed on Jan. 13th.

  5. Is there anyone else who finds the repeated references to “The Big Lebowski” in Mutts tiresome?

    P.S. I’ve never seen the movie, but I don’t think that would make these strips work.

  6. Well I have seen the movie, and like it pretty well, but have never understood the cult-like appeal it holds for some.

  7. I notice that Perry Bible Fellowship has posted a lot of comics lately, and I don’t recognize any of them. Are they new?

  8. @ Chak – Just like other webcomics, The Perry Bible Fellowship has been “sporadic” for years, but you are right, there is a lot of relatively recent material. None of the comics is ever dated (not even in the archive list), but I know that the “Pumpkin Spice” comic is just over two years old, so (at least) 16 comics have appeared since January 2021.

    P.S. Nicholas Gurewitch is now attributing specific writing credits to his co-collaborators. Unfortunately, he is also actively monetizing the site through Patreon. At least two of the newer strips are just “teasers” to encourage donations.

  9. @ Chak – Sorry, I miscounted. The Jan. 2021 comic was “Clear Boundaries“, leaving 14 new PBF comics in the last two years, but the website also shows a set of 14 “collabortions”, some of which are definitely new.

  10. “Beardo” apparently is also going for monetizing, and on GoComics publishes something like the “teasers” you mention.

  11. I think the focus on color Patreon strips is the primary reason why Bug Martini has become so unbelievably “sporadic” with the regular (monochrome) strips (they used to appear three times a week, before the author had a pair of kids – which of course is an eminently good reason not to be drawing comics for a living).

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