It’s All Here in Black and White

(in this case, CIDU stands for Coloring I Don’t Understand)

Kilby writes:

I have mentioned Macanudo’s gray scale problem at Arcamax several times:

It’s too early to be sure where this will go, but Liniers has started a story arc related to color loss:

So far, my favorite strip was on Tuesday, but Wednesday was good, too.

I am guarding my optimism, but nevertheless still hopeful that when their colors do return, the color will also return to the Sunday strips at Arcamax.

That first comic above in color, on ComicsKingdom:

“The Ineffable Majesty of Nature”

From Le Vieux Lapin, this is probably not an overall-CIDU: notice the classic joke structure, with setup in panel 3 (along with 5) and the payoff in the final one. But along the way there are several bits which can stand in need of explication, for different readers.

For instance, I have never run into pay-as-you-go gas meters in real life (for tenants to get heat or hot water), but sort of know about them from vintage British movies and some novels. (Though it says a quarter and not a shilling so this may be American.) Maybe somebody understands them better — is electricity paid for this way anywhere? And the Patreon structure of “levels” — is this known widely outside of Patreon users? And does the girl’s litany of questions come from anywhere else in this wording?