Do the mash

I felt sure CIDU had somewhere printed this Bizarro:

But apparently not. It must have felt familiar because I had seen it the previous week in several places already (email, CK, Wayno’s blog, Piraro’s blog, …). But apparently not right here on these pages.

Why was I looking for it? So that I might drop into a comment on whatever post or thread the Bizarro appeared in, this 1991 Far Side, featuring the same deadly weapon, appearing just recently on the current Far Side archive site.

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, March 12th, 2023

A case of breaking the third wall?

Maybe this is a bit of a CIDU — I understand how her laptop might need an OS update, or even her nails, but what’s up with the metaphors?

“Pin code”

How many of these would you call arguable?

Here’s a Quote Investigator link for “It got too crowded, nobody goes there anymore”.

Just resting my eyes …

“It’s hard to know where to begin …” Actually, it’s easy to know where to begin: What species are being shown here? But then the not-understanding bifurcates into two paths.

If the equal overall sizes, and equal tail lengths, and similar footpad design, and similar whisker attachment, together mean they are the same kind of creature — which would have to be mice? — then is there a joke besides the domestic tradition of one family member nodding off upright in front of the tv, and the fillip of the disguising glasses?

But if the white belly pattern, and rounder head, mean that’s a cat on the left — despite the muse being the same size — does the mouse’s remark amount to a comment on why there is no cat-and-mouse fighting going on?

Anthropomorphic Mosquitoes

Dale sends in this one.

There’s a poor color choice — cartoon blood is always red!

There’s the fact that mosquitoes don’t overeat and burst. (“In simpler terms, when the ventral nerve cord is severed, a mosquito has no sense of being full. It will continue to consume blood until it quadruples its body weight, whereupon it explodes. So unless you or a friend have the capabilities of performing neurosurgery, you won’t be seeing a mosquito “explode” anytime soon.”)

Even if we allow latitude for cartoon science and mentally color the blood red, what’s the joke here? Is the name Corelli a clue?