Hanukah Cards (from Robin Bickel)

Hello CIDU friends. This is Robin, Bill’s wife. (I guess widow now).

Although I posted something a couple of months ago, I was afraid that some of us may have missed it, so with Winter Wallaby’s kind help, I am writing this.

First I want to say thank you. CIDU started because Bill thought it was funny but it grew into something much bigger – a place where people could come together and discuss issues in a safe space. My husband loved learning things and as a result, CIDU was close to his heart. He would often regale me with tales of that day’s thread drift and the discussions that had ensued. If he needed an answer to something, I would tell him post it and one of your peeps will know. I’m pretty sure one of you always did.

My sons and I would like to give back in a small way. My youngest is an extremely talented graphic designer. He designs our Hanukah cards every year and I would love to send you one if you’d like. For many of you, this is likely the only Hanukah card you’ll get, so double bonus! 

Don’t worry that this is some kind of burden for me, I am already sending out several hundred, more isn’t really an issue. And for those of you interested in supply chain economics, Zachary has found that the cheapest high quality printing is in South Korea! So I get a package from South Korea every year.

Email me at robinbickel at gmail. Put CIDU in the subject line so it will be easy for me to quickly find you. And if you’d like you can send me a card at 43 Peace Rd, Randolph NJ 07869 but you are under no obligation to do so. I like sending cards and it would make me happy to be able to send a very small thank you to all of you who have been such good friends over the years. (Please don’t delay only because I have to give Zachary a count of how many cards to print)


  1. Thank you for writing, Robin! I, for one, am always glad to hear from Bill’s family. While I’m not a prevalent poster on CIDU or Crimeweek, we have had discussions on and off for what must be 20 years! All the best to you and the family

  2. I asked Robin for a digital copy, but it turns out that would be extra work for her, so would somebody please
    upload a photo or two when they arrive? Gracias, y Feliz Navidad

  3. @ Winter Wallaby – As has been requested elsewhere: no spoilers, please. I personally don’t have anything against a digital appearance, but I don’t think it should be posted online until the first day of Hanukkah, and/or whenever all of the cards have been delivered (whichever comes last).

  4. Kilby: I have no way of knowing when all the cards have been delivered. But I can wait until near the end of Hannukah.

  5. @ WW – Thanks for pointing out the gigantic hole in my logic. Let’s drop the “delivery” requirement entirely, since the best day to post it (if Robin approves) would (of course) be the first day (meaning “evening”) of Hannukah (Dec. 10th, 2020).
    P.S. Even more than the design of the card, the biggest “reveal” for me will be how Zach decided to spell “(C)han(n)uk(k)a(h)”. I’ve seen at least three variants so far this year.

  6. Very glad to say I’ve received my card, and before Chanukah was even over! Mazel Tov!
    I’m so honored I’ll overlook that you spelled my name “Lemon” instead of “Lenon.” 😉 (It’s an embarrassingly common error, don’t feel bad.)

    And Happy Chanukah to all the Bickels!

    –Patrick Lenon aka padraig

  7. Mine has arrived also!

    Thanks so much, and best wishes!

    A lovely retro family picture.

    And for the curious, the spelling on the card is “Hanukkah”! 🙂

  8. @ padraig / Patrick – Since you won the race, maybe you could scan it or take a picture and send it to the Editors?
    P.S. Mine will probably not arrive for a while, since overseas mail always takes longer.

  9. P.S. Oops, I should have refreshed the page: scratch that suggestion. Also, that’s the same spelling that Zach has used in past years.

  10. I was at my mother’s for Xmas, so, all I can tell is that mine arrived between the 16th and the 28th, in France. Thanks: it’s cute.

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