It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so…

Last year, we picked out Secret Santa gifts for various comic strip characters. This year, let’s try for something more challenging: choose a character, and pick out an ornament for his or her Christmas tree.


(Ted Forth; an easy one)

We don’t have a Christmas tree ourselves, but we’ve bought plenty of ornaments for friends.

This might turn out to be quite a terrible idea… but we’ll never know until we try.


  1. BTW, the editorial consensus is that Bill was asking us to leave ornament suggestions in the comments. That is, it’s not an e-mail based submission system, like that used for the Secret Santa system last year.

  2. Additional note from the editors: However, if you have a picture you would like to use in a comment, but it is not linkable (e.g. from a catalog, or a photo you took of an actual physical ornament) , send it in to the usual address and we will insert it into your comment. (You could put “[insert picture here]” in the comment you post, to make it easier for us.)

  3. Considering his issues with Lucy, Sally and the little red-haired girl, I’d get Charlie Brown a pair of (Christmas) balls.

  4. Not to poop on the party, but I don’t think I’m alone in wondering about the appropriateness of ornaments as presents. “Just what I’ve always wanted! Something that becomes almost immediately useless! Let’s put it in a box and not look at it for a year!”

  5. Dysfunctional, at least you can put it on the tree that day.

    My … um…. tribe I guess is the best word for it…. when I was a child always had a big multihouse Christmas Caroling bash every Christmas Eve where we’d go from house to house for several hours caroling (— good times—-). One year on Xmas morning I got a present of …. a book of carols and my immediate first thought was “Wait… I have to wait 364 days to use this?” and my second thought “If they really wanted me to use this maybe they could have taken me aside and allowed me one present to open early and I could have used it last night”.

  6. “wondering about the appropriateness of ornaments as presents”

    They’re not bad for office ‘secret Santa’ type gifts, which usually take place before Christmas itself so you can whack it on your tree when you get home. But, yea, opening one on Christmas morning would be a bit of a letdown.

  7. “But, yea, opening one on Christmas morning would be a bit of a letdown.”

    Not toooo bad. Christmas night is IMO the second most important Christmas tree night.

    Of course Christmas Eve is the most important night, and the idea that wonderful ornament is sitting uselessly in a box under the very tree so desperately in need of the joy it could be bringing is an ironic tragedy few can endure.


    A week or two ago someone posted on Facebook what I thought would be a perfect christmas tree for Horace of Dark Side of the Horse. But for the life of me I can’t find it no matter how much I google.

    (….”So what are you googling on?” “Oh, you know… football scores, jokes about penguins and eggplants, the half-life iridium… the usual… But I’m doing a lot of it and none of the results are about christmas trees appropriate for Horace”)

  8. Forget that, Fritzi’s bought a perpetual motion machine! I’ll take one of those, too!
    (Nancy drops the ball from just above waist height, yet in panels three and four, the ball is already higher than she is, having broken a vase along the way, and knocked the mirror out of alignment!)

  9. @ larK – Given the sedated expression on all six of Fritzi’s xeroxed faces, it appears as if she has dosed that purple drink with a powerful narcotic, which makes the bouncy ornament solution rather unnecessary.

  10. Not as bad as Christmas corsage given to girl whose name you picked in the elementary school exchange, when the girl is Jewish. (True story.)

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