It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so…

Last year, we picked out Secret Santa gifts for various comic strip characters. This year, let’s try for something more challenging: choose a character, and pick out an ornament for his or her Christmas tree.


(Ted Forth; an easy one)

We don’t have a Christmas tree ourselves, but we’ve bought plenty of ornaments for friends.

This might turn out to be quite a terrible idea… but we’ll never know until we try.

Christmas Tree I Don’t Understand


Okay, so Janis won and her decorations are going to be used this year — because for all I know it’s normal for couples who’d been married to one another for all their adult lives to each have their own decorations — but then is what we’re looking at in the final panel (and Arlo is equally happy with) actually the tree with Janis’s decorations?