Hey, isn’t there some holiday around now?

Fourth of July comics galore … if you’ve skipped the hot dogs, how about some Shrimp and Grits?

Thanks to Boise Ed for this Shrimp and Grits:

FYI, Andy Marlette who does this strip is apparently the nephew of the late Doug Marlette, known as creator of Kudzu and for his editorial cartooning.

But wait … there’s more!

Like most male wearers of Speedos, he really shouldn’t. With that body type, there’s nothing solemn or sacred. Scared, maybe.

In my neighborhood there are unofficial fireworks for all sorts of holidays and unexplained occasions, chiefly firecrackers. But indeed the loudest and longest-running are the official displays for The Fourth and other sanctioned events …. but always supplemented by local enthusiasts.
And so most major holidays are accompanied by topical responses in pet advice blogs, veterinary newsletters, and pet supply store tracker ads, on how to soothe and de-stress the furry friends in the face of the startling noises.

If you noticed an OY category marker for this post, and wondered which item(s) may have triggered that, here is one answer.

Back in OY territory!

And finally, time for “Ballad for Americans”

In seventy-six the sky was red
thunder rumbling overhead
Bad King George couldn’t sleep in his bed
And on that stormy morn, Ol’ Uncle Sam was born.


  1. The J may have been all that’s left of a JULY, but it is also what’s missing from an OY that you have used:

  2. In case you also felt like hearing “Ballad for Americans” here is Paul Robeson.

    My family had this on 78s! Two disks, four sides, in a hard-sided album with two envelope-like paper holders for the disks. Since it’s about 10 minutes altogether, that means a flip or change of disks every two and a half minutes. I think I recall those breaks coming a the repeated spots where the crowd asks “So who are you?” and we have a dramatic cliffhanger.

  3. 1) How many folks even know who George III was?

    2) This year, I noticed MANY more comics about dogs (and cats) being traumatized by fireworks than I’d ever seen before. Doesn’t change reality, tho, altho yesterday’s (illegal) fireworks in our neighborhood was the definite proof that one of our dogs had gone completely deaf.

    Shall I post some of the other dog- and cat-related comics, or would that be too much?

  4. 3) I’ve been seeing the photo used in this post several times today; could someone please ‘splain why these men are all peeing on the fireworks? Is this like the (unauthorized) Calvin doing so on rivals’ car make names?

  5. I wasn’t sure what photo Andréa was referring to until I scrolled back to the top of the page. Man! That must have been some really spicey Chili they had for their 4th of July picnic.

  6. Andrea #3 – it’s the guys crossing the streams that worry me – no good will come of it.

  7. There’s a rather famous painting of George Washington crossing a stream…

    I heard a story of how some Brits back in the day hung a portrait of GW in their loo, and waited to see what their American guest thought of that; said American thought it was wholly appropriate for constipated Brits to have something in the WC that scares the crap out of them…

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