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Okay, it’s Resolutions…


“This year we’ll turn it around” counts as a resolution in my book!

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Maybe IDU that one?

Nancy: still looking for loopholes after all these years (and cartoonists!)

Ah, to recline

Thanks to Dirk the Daring for sending this from Take it from the Tinkersons, a strip relatively new to CIDU.

Looking over the recent instances of the strip, we find some relevance in the day before:

This maybe clarifies his attitude in the top strip, which Dirk characterizes as “Yeah, maybe just don’t hurt the one I love”. But still leaves the wife’s reaction shot in the last panel as unclear in intent.

I don’t take—I mean, get—it

Dirk the Daring sent:

Mitch suggests that perhaps supposing the absence of showering has not gone as unnoticed as purple-ring person supposes, but that seems pretty weak. He also commented on “get a shower, wondering if it was Canadian.

I spent 17 years growing up in Canada, as the son of a linguist, and am pretty aware of Canadianisms in general—although since those were my formative years, I occasionally use one without thinking, and have to explain to Americans what I mean. I never heard “get a shower” there, but it is the kind of thing that British English does differently. I work with a number of Brits and hear “different to” where an American would say “different from” every day, and it’s always jarring.

Couple of links on that topic:



I know, you’re thinking “Get a life”. Better than “Take a life”, I guess!