Obligatory topic

Okay, it’s Resolutions…


“This year we’ll turn it around” counts as a resolution in my book!

Adam@Home Comic
Half Full
Mike Du Jour
Wallace the Brave

Maybe IDU that one?

Nancy: still looking for loopholes after all these years (and cartoonists!)


  1. The Crabgrass is a bit of a CIDU for me — why are they blue? Never seen that strip before, so maybe that’s a theme?

  2. Phil, I think we’re not expected to come up with a particular story of what they did, just that it had to have been some variety of the kind of “antics” they were just a moment ago swearing off of. Something involving dye or paint or bathing in food-coloring…

  3. And the one I remain puzzled about is the “Take it from the Tinkersons”. Sorry these aren’t all labelled, it’s the next one below “Wallace the Brave”.

  4. @ Mitch – That was the strip that reminded me of the second Calvin & Hobbes strip that I embedded above (@1). The boy appears to be saying that he expects some major changes from everyone else.

  5. P.S. The labels that did appear were very useful, but it would be even better if they could appear above each comic, instead of below it. Is that possible, or is there some structural issue in the “theme” (a.k.a. “template”) that forces the to appear underneath?

  6. It’s not the “Template” (Theme), it’s the features of the “Image” Block type. These are appearing in a space they call Caption that is a fixed part of the Image block. We can edit the content, but that is distinct from our usual editorial texts, which go in Paragraph Blocks (sigh — yes, the editing tutorials start out with “Everything is a block”) above or below the Image in a post. The sense in which the Caption feature is incorporated into the Image block means that it will also appear along with the image if you use the image (block) again elsewhere. (Except that there is a toggle available for show/don’t-show captions.)

    And to add to the oddity, this was not done manually! I was experimentally assembling this post from my upgraded iPad to see how that goes. (Still not as reliable as working at the real computer.) Saving an image to Photos gallery from the GoComics tab, then uploading into the post in the WP Edit Post tab, resulted in these strip titles appearing in that Caption space, automatically.

  7. Thanks for the prompt work, assuming these are this year’s strips and not saved over from last (or last-last) year. However, having this many strips on the same theme all at once does inadvertently highlight the similarity of gag possibilities — it’s really more of a synchronicity posting of the same old predictable gags.

    That said, I did really like the Wallace the Brave, very well done, and not tired and predictable (there are only a limited amount of gags possible, it’s the execution that counts…) (Focus on characters, that’s the key for good story telling!)

    And the Half Full is a CIDU for me: I’m guessing it’s a riff on the “in dog years” trope, but it doesn’t work — one year is conventionally seven dog years, so if the cat is keeping the resolution for one dog year, that would be about a week shy of two months, not two weeks. And why would the cat respect dog years and not self-centeredly do cat years? (What are cat years? Cats can live into their twenties, but I think conventionally live about 12 years, so really, about the same as dogs?)

  8. Re the “Half Full,” I think it’s more that New Year’s resolutions are often abandoned after about two weeks.

  9. Re “Ferrets are naturally perfect,” didn’t Lucy tell Charlie Brown at some time or other that she didn’t need to make New Year’s Resolutions for the same reason? Or maybe it was that girl who had naturally curly hair.

  10. The ‘Peanuts” girl with the naturally curly hair was Freida. (and also, of course, Charlie Brown himself had a naturally curly hair.)

  11. For the Half Full strip, analyzing why the cat has a two-week-long year is not necessary. It’s possible that the resolution was, in full, “I will tolerate the dog for two weeks.”

  12. Some years ago I made my final resolution and have kept it since – “I will not make any resolutions”

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