Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 16th, 2023

Two comics from Ian with the common element of unpaid internships, which he notes “seem to be everywhere at the moment!”

And finally, an Ewww-LOL from BillR. It’s the “number 2” that clinches it!

Violates logic itself?

Does this really violate logic? And which miracle is really more impressive?

It doesn’t seem to me that sorting a list in linear time really violates logic itself. It seems plausible that a divine being might be able to do any number of things that would violate the conditions that prevent sorting in linear time. e.g. perform multiple operations or comparisons at once. Or omnisciently perceiving the distribution of the numbers and then using it to perform a bucket sort.

I’m not saying that sorting in linear time isn’t impressive. But the crowd does have a point here. Violating conservation of mass does seem more impressive.


For SMBC fans who think the bonus panel and hovertext are essential to the comic, here they are.

All technical quibbles may be sent to my email, where they will be figuratively burned.”