Not everybody has the right idea about romance.

Even a mechanical heart can be stirred by love:

This was published on GoComics as the 19 December 2022 comic. Now, where’s that calculator that can tell me how many days between that date and today?

I don’t entirely understand, why is this strip treating the “valentines for everyone” as a recent school practice. Geezers will recognize it from, gosh, the 1950s…

Now everybody sympathize your watches!

Because when the clock strikes three, we will have the Big Synchronicity Roundup!

First up, Andréa was struck by the treatment of the old Goofy/Pluto problem, in Pearls Before Swine and Strange Brew:

Next up, Jerry found the focus on Feng Shui in Bizarro and Pickles:

Finally, BillR was seeing jigsaw puzzles all over the place, or at least in F-Minus and Rhymes With Orange: