So it goes


Kilby sent this to me asking whether Tralfamadorian is mainstream enough to be used here (leading to my question of what a “Tralfamadorian year” is)

(By the way, this post was actually supposed to go live before B.A.‘s question — but that’s easier said than done when you’ve lost track of days of the week. Maybe we’re all on Tralfamadorian time now)

And that led to whether Calvin and Hobbes had any business using “Weltanschauung” some years back.

And likewise the Washington Post’s recent use of a long German word (redundant, I know), without italics, which apparently both he and I noticed at the time although neither of us remembers what the word was.


Because Kit Walker is The Phantom’s civilian name (not a CIDU)


I’m imagining a lot of newspaper comics readers, whose papers, don’t carry The Phantom, thinking “I wish there were a place where they explained these things.”

I wonder whether younger comics readers can even comprehend a time when, if your local paper didn’t carry a particular comic strip, you had no opportunity to read it and might not have even heard of it. Back in the day, newspapers bought exclusive regional rights to a comic: so if you lived just outside of New York City like I did, the News had dibs on almost all the good stuff and the Post had the rest. We got… what was left. I won’t mention the names, because that would sound disrespectful to the creators, but it wasn’t pretty.

Fortunately, we did buy the News on Sunday. The big color comics section was a particular treat for kids who never saw first- (or even second-) tier comics during the week.