Brick Hand wanted – Apply inside

Ignatz was first disdaining the advertised job of “brick hand”, but according to the printed subhead “Ignatz Will Love His Work” he does get employment at the Kelly brick yard. What accomplished this turnaround? Was it seeing Krazy Kat working there in panel 3? Will he be a “brick hand” or something else?

Maybe some answers are contained in the dialog written under the entrance archway in panel 4, which I really can’t make out.

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 5th, 2021

Let’s assume none of this crowd needs help with the allusion here!

Oh my, a sad-LOL from the Moon.

Well well, so the “Wake up and take your sleeping pill!” joke goes back a hundred years.

I suppose this does turn on word play, but it’s a LOL just as easily, and this list is maybe a touch short. (And ngl, I read it on Saturday evening so too late for today’s OYs and next week’s list isn’t set up yet.)