Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 5th, 2021

Let’s assume none of this crowd needs help with the allusion here!

Oh my, a sad-LOL from the Moon.

Well well, so the “Wake up and take your sleeping pill!” joke goes back a hundred years.

I suppose this does turn on word play, but it’s a LOL just as easily, and this list is maybe a touch short. (And ngl, I read it on Saturday evening so too late for today’s OYs and next week’s list isn’t set up yet.)


  1. But his name IS The Walrus Goo Goo g’Joob. You do need to differentiate him from all of the other The Walruses out there.

  2. @Nebulous, I’ve always wondered about that, in the song. But I’ve generally assumed the “Goo Goo … ” was expressing the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion: some sort of shadowy joy or enthusiasm. But indeed “The Walrus” is intended as an identification, very like a name if not exactly.

    So in this scene, when the clerk asked “Your name please” , The Walrus replied “The Walrus” but couldn’t repress his cry of “Goo Goo g’Joob!” which disturbs the clerk as superfluous.

  3. Maybe Goo Goo g’Joob just means “Junior” in walrus-speak? (Presuming his father had also been named “The Walrus” back in his day.)

    Of course, if so, also probable his grandfather had been so named too, thus it would have to mean “the Third” — but that way madness lies. (It’s walruses all the way down/up.)

  4. The “Department of Corrections” makes me think of a bit on the old Red Skelton show. The shady character San Fernando Red turns up at the saloon.

    Bartender: San Fernando Red! I ain’t seen you in six months! What’cha been doing?
    S.F.Red: Six months.

  5. Credit to Blazek for getting the actual lyrics down instead of using the common misinterpretation “coo coo cuh-joo”.

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