Saturday Morning Oys – December 4th, 2021

Here’s a funny pun from Boise Ed:

The dancer’s foot-across move in the last panel seems like just the right punctuation to signal a punch line, much like a rim shot. (Have there been tap-dancing stand-up-comedy acts?)

Picked this one up from Arnold Zwicky’s blog, where there is a full description and analysis.

And I just was watching Beanie Feldstein.


  1. I think Sammy Davis, Jr. would sometimes emphasize a joke with a quick (and very skilled) tap dance flourish. My favorite rimshot, though, was the 60 Minutes interview with the old editorial staff of MAD magazine. They’d plan the next magazine together in a board room that was perfectly ordinary except for a cheap drum set in the corner. When somebody tore off a good joke, one of the (kinda old and unhealthy) editors would have to dash over and do a quick rimshot. I think many company meetings would be improved that way.

  2. Speaking of Sammy Davis, Jr, he’s never been very significant for me, but just in the last couple weeks I’ve been catching up on the new series of “You Must Remember This” podcast, where she is doing a sort of “parallel lives” coverage under the title “Dino & Sammy” and making these two marginal (for me) figures into interesting full human beings.

  3. With regard to the coffee shop one, is there a joke? I’ve been to places where the menus are like that. Just this past week I ate at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage in Harvard Square. I had the President Biden burger (American cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce) but I could have had a Bernie Sanders with Vermont cheddar and maple syrup, or a Dr. Fauci, Masshole, Kamala Harris, Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, RMV, Cancel Culture, or one of several others.

  4. Yeah, at least with familiar verbs like poach and scramble we know what they mean even outside the egg and cooking context, but I have never seen anything mentioned as shirred except eggs! (Not that there isn’t probably some general meaning – but you don’t see it every day.)

  5. I wanted to nominate Wednesday’s “Rubes for “oy-ish” synchronicity with the third strip, but closer inspection revealed that just like “Andertoons”, the “Lard” comics are all undated (and somewhere between 7 and 9 years old). Nevertheless:

    P.S. The best thing about the the Devil’s “soup” contract is that it is a believable typo (“P” and “L” are adjoining keys on a standard typewriter layout).

    P.P.S. I had never heard of a “shirred” egg before reading Shrug’s comment.

  6. There’s shirring on clothes – it’s a type of tight pleating, usually into patterns, with elastic thread. I…may have heard of shirred eggs but had no idea what they were – what the method was (just looked it up – baked with butter or crumbs or both). No idea if the words are related – OED says the pleating one is from the name of the thread, which is “origin unknown”!

  7. I love having a good rimshot sound available for work meetings. I have a widget on my phone that does one, but since it takes me a few seconds to grab the phone and another 5 or so to unlock it, the spontaneous hilarity is gone.

    I’ve made a little hardware sound gizmo that plays a rimshot, but it’s not as small as I want and I haven’t created a nice case for it. I’m sure it wouldn’t put up with being carried around all day.

    I want something that’s small enough to wear on my belt that just has one button and plays a rimshot. But I haven’t found one yet.

  8. Mark in Boston: The joke in the coffee shop comic is that the names all sound like plausible coffee shop beverages.

    They can name a burger after the president, but “President Biden” or “Bernie Saunders” don’t sound like sandwich names.

  9. jajizi: I’m sure they ARE coffee shop beverages in some independent coffee shop somewhere.

    I bet if I went back in history to the 1970’s I’d find Mr. Bartley selling a Warren Burger.

    (I remember a headline from the confirmation hearings in 1969: “Senate Grills Burger With Relish.”)

  10. There used to be a restaurant in the northwestern DC suburbs called “Roy’s Place”, which had over 200 sandwiches on the menu; every single name was some sort of a pun or joke, which made for very amusing reading. A typical example: the “Rat Burger” was topped with in ratatouille. The restaurant had lost so many menus to pilfering diners that a footnote near the end read “If you will stop stealing our menus, we’ll stop slashing your tires. Menus for sale: $2.00; tires for sale: $25.00“.

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