1. /me kinda hopes @beckoningchasm is right, otherwise I feel stoopid ’cause I got nothin’. Not even a “If I understood what that thing was supposed to be”.

  2. The guy with the red nose is a recurring character called “The Mysterious Man in Black”. What mission is he on? Did he cause the birds to stand on each other’s beaks? Who knows – it’s a mystery!

  3. It’s just a mood piece. It’s not trying to say anything specific, it’s just evoking an emotional response. In this case, the birds are standing around, the MMIB approaches (in dramatic Sergio Leone widescreen) and they feel compelled by his gaze to stand on each other’s beaks. It’s supposed to evoke an image of dark power and dread, and honestly it does that pretty well. The sickly yellow sky helps to make the scene kind of despairing. I do the same sort of thing frequently in my own work.

  4. Is it OK if I stick to cartoons which either make me laugh or rage in agreement at the venality of politicians?

  5. I got hung up on how unlikely the quote seemed until I realized it must be from the 20th century artist and not the Elizabethan philosopher.

  6. And I, perhaps even more foolishly, asked myself “Francis Bacon? Wasn’t he the guy who invented Occam’s Razor?”

  7. I heard of somebody who spent most of his life trying to understand the saying “Knowledge is power, France is bacon.” As a kid, his father frequently said “Knowledge is power, France is bacon.” Later in live, when anyone said “Knowledge is power,” our guy would add “France is bacon” and the first person would say “Yes” or nod approvingly. Our guy inferred that everybody in the world understood this joke but him.

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