1. KFC buckets was where my head went too, but obviously the colors make no sense and neither do the rims. The stripes evoke KFC, though.

  2. It’s bucket kicking good?

    If there is such a thing as a chicken cemetery, is there a place where they bury roosters?

  3. From the Why Evolution Is True blog, today’s Reader Wildlife Photos feature, this was captioned Chicken Hawk:

  4. On the GoComics site someone suggested it might have been a “rabbit cemetery” with the top hats magicians might have pulled them out of… That makes a bit more sense graphically.

  5. Yes, I was thinking of the classic “pulling a chicken out of a hat” magic trick myself!

  6. Stan, if that was in response to my post, I was being entirely tongue-in-cheek. This is indeed a CIDU for me.

    Though a magician who said “I will pull a chicken out of my hat” and pulled out an actual bucket of KFC would get a BIG hand from me for the humor!

  7. “Stan, if that was in response to my post…”

    Relax. It was also mentioned in the title of this post. But I agree, I’d also give a round of applause to that magician you referenced, especially if he shared it around.

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