1. He asked about the shots only because he encountered a lot of bats, and he assumed that he may have been bitten. It’s unlikely that any (human) residents were in the cave at that moment, otherwise he would not have referred to the car’s owner just as “some dude”.

  2. @Kilby: in a literal bat cave (cave inhabited by many bats) it’s possible to catch rabies just by breathing. Some virus is in bat guano. Human bat researchers can get pre-immunized.

  3. Sorry, I’m not much into the Batman mythos. Is it part of the canon that the Bat-mobile is stored in a Bat-cave which is in fact a bat cave in more than name only? Do Batman and Robin often encounter real bats?

  4. I like bats well enough (anything that eats mosquitoes is all right by me) but going into a cave where guano is literally dripping from the ceiling is a step too far for me. Especially if I can’t breathe there.

  5. A fellow accounting student in college was very much “into: comics. He was the editor in the chief of the yearbook before I was. He ended up working for DC comics and writing Batman comics. Robin’s college had a duplicate of the Unispan our college had to connect the two sides of the campus by walking over the main road that divided the north and south sides of campus. Robert was the prototype for a villain -who loved movies and a version of his name reversed was the character’s name. Man bat was in the book for the first time – but it is the not more the common, later Man bat. Other friends (and his father in law) turned up as character names also – seemingly everyone, but me.

  6. No, Carl, Hofstra. There was a Unispan over Hempstead Turnpike which is still there, but is now joined by two other similar walkover bridges and I think they should change the name to “Trispans”.

    Does Stony Brook have a Unispan also? I have driven past the campus a number of times, but have been on the campus once – maybe, I think in the back of my head that a group of us drove out there while in college to visit someone’s friend and he was not there. (Back when gas was cheap enough to drive that far on a whim.)

    Robin went to Hudson Univ (same starting letter as Hofstra) while our friend was writing Batman comics for DC and since then many TV shows which take place in NYC have a Hudson Univ – including the Law and Order shows – though apparently, looking it up, Hudson University is in use as fictitious college from 1969 and friend graduated in 1973, so he did not invent the college name, but when he used it did greatly resemble our college.

    (For those not around here – which is most of you – Hempstead Turnpike is a 3 lane, main road with heavy traffic – it is called same, but there are no tolls on it. The original part of the University when it was a commuter school was built south of the road. Decades later dorms,a student center, phys ed center were added north of the road and the Unispan connected – all 3 now connect – the two sides of campus so one does not have deal with crossing the street. The NY Jets Football team used to play there – and former quarterback for them – but not a player for our college – Joe Namath, one of the fellows pushing Medicare Part D plans on TV once almost ran over Robert.)

    It was not a “jock school” so I was surprised to find out that currently it has a highly rated basketball team.

    I have fired an 18th cannon on its football field when our reenactment unit was hired to do so several years for a LI high school all stars against NYC high school all stars game as a fund raiser for the Boomer Esiason Foundation. We were short on crew and the decision was that I could do the least damage on the crew as the person firing the cannon (black powder cannon, fired with burning cord match).

  7. @MerylA: Stony Brook used to have the Bridge to Nowhere. I didn’t know the word Unispan, so I mentally connected it to a structure I knew about.

    I’ve never been on the campus of Hofstra, though I’ve driven past it hundreds of times.

  8. Meryl, when I saw “Hudson Univ” in your comment, my reaction was “Oh no, that’s the fictional college they use in the Law & Order shows”; but then I see you are aware of that (and other fictional uses) and note that there was a real one!

    In “The Good Wife” and the follow-on shows, set in Chicago, they generally made up street names and mixed real and fictional businesses and institutions. I recall an early episode with a story about a street crime, taking place around the urban campus of a fictional university that was pretty clearly meant as a stand-in for UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago, at one time known as “at Chicago Circle” until they decided not to be named for a traffic pattern). They situated the physical attack on “University Avenue”, meant to be a fictional street in the area of their fictional University. HOWEVER, there is a perfectly real University Avenue, in the area of the perfectly real University of Chicago, just a couple blocks from my street. Without any good reason I was a little offended.

  9. Carl – if you driven past HU on Hempstead Tpke – you have seen the Unispan and driven under it (goes from library on north campus to the campus on the south side). As of more recent years the original Unispan is the one of the center of the 3 crossover similar walkways since the other 2 were added.

    Eating late night snack (cereal) with Robert as i read and post and he had never heard of the bridge to nowhere at Stony Brook either (and he had been there a number of times before I went there with him as he had friend a SB student who lived in the dorms there). So he looked it up out of curiosity – apparently in 2002 they destroyed the bridge to nowhere as pieces of concrete were falling. Before that they had finished it to go someplace other than where it was originally intended to go.

  10. larK – Anything they can film in NYC brings in money to the city (and the state since it gets a share of taxes also) no matter how good or bad the show is and recognizing locations is always fun.

    Blue Bloods does a lot of location outdoor filming. One night I was watching and they said where the character was going. I was trying to figure out why the street name sounded so familiar. Then I realized I used to have a client on that street. As I looked closer I could see the spot where my car got stuck in the snow once (used my car mats to get it going again) and realized that the building across the street from there was the actual small factory building client was in.

    A client’s jewelry stand in one of the jewelry exchanges on 47th Street (“Diamond district”) was panned past in Marathon Man and client could be seen. Client in another exchange was in the booth across from one used in “Uncut gems” with Adam Sandler – but when watching the movie there was nothing there where her booth is.

    And so on.

  11. And a lot of movies and TV shows use a street in Brooklyn which is adjacent to the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn – the street they show is where my car was broken into when I was at a client near there. (Nothing taken – just a huge mess.)

  12. Yes, I do the same thing(), the problem with *The Good Wife was they were filming New York to be Chicago

    () a school I worked at on 60th and West End was where they were filming the season of *Nurse Jackie that I then later watched and recognized all the locations, and then realized that it was also a favorite for Law and Order as a place to find the body before they redeveloped all the river front area; right in front of my barber in Chinatown on Pearl St. was were they filmed the flashback of the proposal of an episode of New Amsterdam; but the best was when I was taking a break from studying for law school exams by watching old Mad About You episodes, and I thought I was just getting paranoid that the exterior establishing shot of the apartment looked familiar, but no, it really was 12th and 5th, right across from my law school, and I really was actually looking at that exact building out the window of some of my classes…

  13. In 1985, I was in the Boston area for training at Raytheon. During the weekend, we did tourist stuff downtown. At one point we came across filming for “Spenser: For Hire”. I said, “Wonder where Bob is?” Referring to star Robert Urich. At that, he walked right past us and went into his trailer.

    The other thing we were doing a lot was finding places that would show the Cardinals and Mets series as the Cards made the final push to win the division. Needless to say, that was a challenge.

  14. larK – Sounds like the type of thing I love to see!

    My kid sister (can she really be in her 50s now) lives on the block in Manhattan where they blow up the balloons for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. When it was not as well known as it now she would invite people to come and watch the balloons get blown up the night before for the parade. They would let people who lived on the block(s) where this is done to get a bit closer to the balloons than others. My very young (back then, now in late 20s) nephew (son of my other sister) got to touch (with permission) one of the balloons once – he was ecstatic for years. Same sister, has been to see the parade in the seated viewing area at Macys several times for the parade as her husband owns a clothing manufacturing business and sells to them.

    They manage the parade by having each type of parade entry(? not sure what called) line up on a different street in the West 70s (and I am guessing also the 80s and maybe the 60s/90s). The balloons are on her street, another street (or set of streets) gets the bands, ditto the floats and so on. They are lined up on their street in the order they will step off – ie. first balloon at head of line, first band at head of line…. When it is each participants turn to go they just march into Central Park West and they are all in order.

    Also – an episode of “Law and Order” (original) had a shot on her street – they found “a dead body” in a car in the shot.

    Court Square in Brooklyn has had a number of episodes of shows shot there. (I park in the Muni garage and take subway into Manhattan from there.) Robert and I were watching an episode of Elementary and I kept saying how familiar a parking lot location looked – then I saw the distinctive art pieces on a roof near the garage and realized they were on the roof level of the garage I park in. Over the next couple of years I would be there and there would be signs on the parking meters that the street would be closed to film same. (I presume they were filming at the studios near Astoria.)

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